Marvel's The Defenders

Marvel's The Defenders
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I liked Jessica Jones and Daredevil. I skipped Luke Cage and Iron Fist based on the feedback here. I’m really hoping this one is worth watching.




Yeah, I’m hoping the cast shot above is essentially representative of the show, Daredevil and JJ take center stage, while the other two sit on the sidelines.

Although I don’t think Cage is really a bad character, just a poorly written and boring series. Doesn’t seem fair to judge Iron Fist without watching a single ep, but the less of him the better from what I have seen.


Luke Cage as a character is great; show not-so-much. I enjoyed Iron Fist though. And this trailer looks amazing. I see they have their patented hallway fight in there too.


Luke Cage was great in the JJ show, then his own show happened… then they killed off the best part of it and kept it going.

But hey… more hallways!



Oh, that looks so good. I just started rewatching Daredevil—with my wife this time—to get us ready for this.



Never noticed Elektra walking behind them in the hallway scene.