Marvel's Spider-Man

Marvel's Spider-Man


Sunset Overdrive was practice specifically for this game.

Why is there a default image for the thumbnail? This game deserves the Spider-man icon. Anyhoo… in case anyone was worried:

Everything you saw in that trailer was on current PS4 hardware. Not high-end PS4

From a dev:


Why Spider-Man? Because when Stan Lee and Steve Ditko created Peter Parker, they broke the mold of what a Super Hero could be and set the bar by which all others would be judged. And that’s exactly what we plan to do with this game: break the mold and set a new bar of greatness for Marvel Games!

Why Insomniac? Insomniac is a perfect match for Spider-Man because not only are they world class game developers that make phenomenal story-driven experiences, but they also craft games bursting with personality, humor and most importantly: fun…just like Spidey!

Why PlayStation? The PlayStation 4 is one of the most exciting gaming platforms ever! But not only have they created a great gaming console, they also have an amazing line-up of first party titles and a community of the most passionate players that we are thrilled to join.

The Marvel Games team is determined to deliver authentic Marvel experiences filled with our magic mix of action, drama, humor, romance, social relevance, and jaw-dropping awesomeness. This all-new Spider-Man game and our partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment and Insomniac is a direct result of our wholehearted dedication to creating the best Marvel games the world has ever seen.

From Geoff’s stream

  • Biggest team Insomniac has ever had working on a game
  • Most ambitious Marvel game ever made
  • It’s been in development for “quite some time”
  • It’s not connected at all with the upcoming movie
  • It’ll focus on both Peter Parker and Spider-man
  • PS4 exclusive and published by SIE
  • They aren’t ready to talk about any release timeframe

You know, I honestly can’t think of a better team than Insomniac to develop a Spider-Man game.

Greg Miller was talking up a case for Sucker Punch to develop it. I thought that sounded alright based on the Infamous games and their experience with super hero stories.

A few more details from the PSblog Livecast interview

  • Marvel’s giving Insomniac a lot of freedom to do what they want
  • Peter Parker is a little older and more experienced
  • The parkour that we see in the coffee shop is part of them fleshing out his traversal abilities
  • His fighting capabilities will be a reflection of him being older and understanding what he’s capable of doing

I personally thought the first Infamous was pretty bland. Second Sun was definitely an “upgrade” so to speak, but I still thought the story was boring. Sucker Punch isn’t all that great at witty/sarcastic writing, which a Spider-Man game needs.

Second Son’s story was a little bland but I played the shit out of it. I really need to go back and finish it up and also play that offshoot Light game.

I’m not sure why that’s happening for some games. You know what they say, if you aren’t part of the solution, you are…well, you know what they say.

It was displaying this image for me before Rewfus changed it. /shrugs

I didn’t give this game much thought when I first saw the trailer, but going back and re-watching it now, I’m pretty excited.

It was displaying that image with the GB link until I refreshed the GB link, so they must have posted a new image, but either way, that image never showed for the thumbnail on the front page for me, did it for you?

Yeah, it was showing up fine on the front page for me. I did notice if I edited the ones that weren’t showing up it would fix it.

Jay Ong has done two more interviews about Marvel’s upcoming plans:


  • Jay’s team is specifically focused on console-style games for Marvel. The mobile and social stuff is already hitting it out of the park, so his group is dedicated to making their console games great again.
  • Insomniac/Sony’s Spider-Man series will be the only console Spider-Man series going forward. They want to find excellent teams and then dedicate the IPs to them so they can focus on quality. That’s not to say Spider-Man can’t be in a cross-over game, but you won’t see something like Activision console Spider-Man games coming out alongside these.
  • Movie tie-in games are over for Marvel. This is the same as their mobile strategy. All games will be given lengthy development cycles with all the budget they need and have no concerns about hitting a specific date tied to a movie/comic book/whatever. Marvel is very clear that developers cannot be rushed or underfunded if they’re going to make great games.
  • That said, Jay notes that on the mobile side, the games tend to have tie-in events when films or certain initiatives like Women of Marvel launch. He doesn’t explicitly commit to this happening on the console side, since it probably varies a lot per game, but don’t be super shocked if you have downloadable skins or DLC for a game when a movie or comic book initiative comes out, especially if it’s a living product.
  • When asked about whether Marvel’s console games will have cross-overs and cameos like the films do, he states “The world’s full of surprises. You never know.”
  • Jay notes that in the past, they used to take about 30% of console game opportunities that are presented to them. These days it’s more like 10%.
  • He’s also clear that Marvel will only work with developers who they think will make excellent, top tier titles instead of just “good” games. So far their two publicly announced partners are Insomniac and Telltale. He speaks very fondly of the LEGO games, but IIRC that’s run out of the mobile licensing division.
  • Marvel will also only work with developers who are clearly very excited about the IP itself instead of just the IP’s money making potential. He notes that he can usually tell within the first 30 seconds if someone is actually passionate about the IP in question.
  • There’s an implication that the publishing partner is also important to them. I imagine this is especially true for retail games.
  • Jay mentions that the success of the films and the success of their top mobile games, along with the break away from the movie game model, has resulted in way more developers being interested in working with them. He mentions that developers have even gotten more open to the idea during his two year tenure as titles like Marvel: Contest of Champions have crossed $200 million.
  • As for working with Insomniac specifically, Jay mentions that they’re only 10 minutes away from the studio and 10 minutes away from Sony as well, so that they’re in contact every day, which they think is very helpful for getting their new initiative going well. They also openly admit that Spider-Man is the most commercially successful superhero so they’re more than happy to start with him.
  • Jay notes they have several other console games in development that will be revealed over the upcoming years. I probably wouldn’t expect an immediate impending announcement (beyond perhaps unveiling Telltale’s game) since he wasn’t teasing any more reveals soon.

Jay with the exclusive Marvel news. Way to go LASSIE.


I don’t see it specifically stated in that article, but would this be related by chance?

I have yet to play either Ultimate Alliance games, but I have heard good things about them, so would love to try them out on current gen.

Well good, we have our news and spider-man bases covered now. I’m glad I could help. Carry on.

What other Marvel news would you guys like me to announce?

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