Marvel's [insert TV show/movie title here]

Marvel's [insert TV show/movie title here]
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Looking forward to this




Disney+ is bringing Wanda/Vision series and a Falcon and Winter Soldier team up live action shows


And Loki.


Thought that has been known about for some time, no?


I saw X-men: Dark Phoenix last night and… it wasn’t that bad. It definitely beat the Last Stand, X-men Origins: Wolverine and Apokolypse, but those are really, REALLY low bars. It’s definitely worth a watch. The last 45 minutes to an hour were actually really good. I think the problem with some critics is the first half of the movie is kinda slow. But for the last FOX-men movie, I liked it and it ended their series quite well. I will miss that version of Quicksilver for sure… unless Disney brings him over somehow.





And instead of making a new topic for the other 2 movies and movie news, I’ll just sum it all up here:

I need a trailer for this before I can get hyped at its existence.

Cool. I guess. I’m not a huge vampire guy, so… meh.

Random news:



Cloak and Dagger/Runaways cross-over. Cool. I need to finish S2 of C&D.