Marvel's [insert TV show/movie title here]

Marvel's [insert TV show/movie title here]
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"But have you ever watched it on…HIGH-MAX?"



If the Hand is somehow involved in this, I quit


Nov 17th



Runaways and Cloak & Dagger are good (so far). We’re about 5 episodes in on C&D and it has a similar tone to Runaways (finished all of it). Both are like YA versions of the Netflix shows, meaning that they are serious, but nowhere near as dark and gritty and the main stars are all teenagers. And PG.

I feel that Runaways entire first season was a great origin story and now that they are developed, the next season will be even better.

Now if Legion S2 would just come to Hulu.




Without reading the article I assume it’s moving to Disney’s streaming service?


Either that or the characters will just appear in other shows like Luke Cage. Nobody knows yet.


Luke Cage flushed as well. Maybe just Heroes for Hire or maybe Netflix just doesn’t want to make stuff for other studios anymore


I read a detailed explanation on the cancelation of these two shows and it basically comes down to this: Netflix wanted to do shorter runs of these 2 shows because they have lower viewership compared to DD and JJ. Marvel didn’t want them to run less episodes because they make less money then. They allowed IF to go to 10 episodes, but not LC. Both shows lost HUGE amounts of viewers between S1 and S2, especially IF. Thus, Netflix ended the deal because Marvel wants high episode amounts and Netflix isn’t seeing a return for those shows.

Now… they could ink a new deal for Heroes for Hire and/or Daughters of the Dragon for lower episode counts and continue the character stories —or— they could go to the Disney Streaming service next year. Either way, those characters aren’t gone for good.



Jessica Jones and The Punisher are probably not going past the next season, I’m sure


Hi Sure, I’m dad.


But no mention of the canceling of Daredevil? What am I missing?


Daredevil was canceled too, which tells me that Disney is going to be moving them to Hulu or Disney+ after they buy Fox—hopefully Hulu because they can put the more adult shows there like Daredevil and Jessica Jones need to be.


Does Hulu have more adult content than Netflix? I never made that connection.


Probably not, but Disney+ will NOT and that’s the comparison I was trying to make (but I guess worded badly). After Disney buys Fox they’ll also own 60% of Hulu and they’ve already stated that the more “adult” stuff they buy off of Fox will go to Hulu and not D+.