Marvel's [insert TV show/movie title here]

Marvel's [insert TV show/movie title here]
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Agreed. I enjoyed Legion and a couple of the Netflix ones, but there is no way I could keep up with all of these shows even if I wanted to.


Try watching all of CW and Marvel shows. Fatigue is real. I’m so close to just abandoning DC shows. I stopped watching Gotham. Now Marvel has like 4 more shows to put on Freeform plus the Netflix ones.


I gave up on Gotham 2 episodes into Season 2. They FOXified the show where they just go for shock and awe and toss character development out the window.




Did anyone binge The Defenders yet?


I still need to finish Daredevil and watch Jessica Jones. Gonna skip Luke Cage but did watch Iron Fist with my son. Only 2 episodes of DD left.


Yup. It’s only 8 episodes and I liked every one of them. I only have one real complaint and that is all of Jessica Jones sarcastic one-liners were shown in the trailers. Luke Cage is WAAAAY better in a group setting and not in his own series (he actually has some good lines), Iron Fist is still an idiot and DD and JJ are awesome—I can’t wait for their next seasons. Basically, in order to know everything that’s going on in Defenders you need to watch DD seasons 1-2 (mainly 2) and Iron Fist. JJ and Luke Cage’s stand alone shows have almost no relevance to the plot of Defenders besides their relationships with side characters. With it being only 8 episodes, it seemed to move a bit faster than any of the previous lead-ins, which was not necessarily a bad thing. I’m looking at you, Luke Cage. Also, it has my favorite hallway fight scene of any of the Netflix Marvel shows so far.


I really liked DD and JJ, but skipped Luke Cage and Iron Fist because everyone said they were a snore fest. Care to give a short summary about what I need to know from Iron Fist?


Hoo boy. A lot. Um, this may help. But you won’t have any idea who these people are…


Here’s a better “TL;DR”.


That’s what I’m looking for! Thanks!


Wife and I watched all of the Defenders. Together, we both thought it was a fun show, but there’s some HUGE “logic” problems with this show, as well. If you go in mindlessly and expecting something better than Luke Cage/Iron Fist but not quite Daredevil Season 1 and Daredevil first half of Season 2.

All over Reddit people were shitting on the show and quite frankly, I don’t agree. There are things that bothered me about it, but not enough to not watch it and not enjoy it. I’d further discuss but don’t want to spoil anything.


My only logic complaint was this: why aren’t spoiler tags working?


Why aren’t you working?

Great question, I’ll have to look in to that.



AoS got delayed for that garbage



I want to watch it high… just so I can actually laugh at how bad it’s going to be


Pretty sure that could be accomplished sober