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Luke Cage
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Saying Season 2 is better than Season 1 is like saying that shit is better than a turd.

Wife and I don’t care if it gets any better, Season 1 burned us. We did learn Danny Rand shows up near the end of the season. She’d rather just skip to that episode and let the recaps tell us what we “missed”. The first episode was so bad, slow, unnecessary that we just decided to stop altogether.

Marvel, wat is u doin bby


Episode 10. I’d also watch the bar fight in Ep. 3.

But, Season 2 really wasn’t bad. The villain was actually decent this time. My main complaint is that there are SO MANY LONG conversations throughout.


Yup, especially in the few few episodes.


Yeah, there were a few conversations like that in the first episode and it turned us off.

Also, I think Shades and Mariah definitely helped in that regard too