Luke Cage

Luke Cage
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I tried to warn ya.


I felt a responsibility to finish it as a fan of Marvel.


Goldberg vs Bork Lesnard was the best. I don’t care what anyone says.

Luke Cage vs… that other guy, not so much.


Welp… I saw “Moonlight” last night and now Luke Cage pisses me off even more. After seeing Mahershala Ali be awesome in that movie, he was SO WASTED in this show. God damnit.


I. Can’t. Wait.

To waste 13 hours of my life. I hope this season is better than the last… but I’m not counting on it.


it cant possibly be worse. I hated that fucking first season




Here we go. This villain at least looks better than the last one.


I mean, the bar is set REAL LOW on the main bad guy.

Can’t wait to see how Turk shows up in this one. Also, I thought danny Rand, the Immortal Iron Fist, Protector of Kun Lun, Sworn Enemy of the Hand was supposed to be in this?


I thought so too. Maybe he is and they just aren’t showing it.


Season 2 came out today, anyone watching?


No, but reviews seem positive.

While season 2 is far from perfect, it not only avoids the sophomore slump, it surpasses season 1 through a relentless focus on how both its heroes and villains are defined by their families.


Not had to surpass when the bar is set so low


Three episodes in and I’m bored and hate Luke.


Oh boy. This one’s gonna be rough.


I started watching episode 1 last night. Here’s a slightly altered (cuz I don’t remember the exact wording) re-enactment of a conversation I had with my wife during the show.

Me: “It started with a 5-minute action scene and since then it’s become the most boring thing I’ve seen. It’s just inconsequential conversation after another.”

Wife: “How much longer?”

“It’s almost over.”

pauses the show to see how much time is left because it’s felt like over an hour already

[15 minutes left]

“Yeah. We can watch something else.”


I take back 28% of the negative things I’ve said about Luke Cage. S2 improves halfway thru Ep. 3 to the point where I no longer associate viewing it as a chore, but actually am invested. The Misty/Colleen bar fight is one of the best action scenes in the entire series. Fine, 31%.


Yup, just finished it last night. The first few episodes are definitely a slog, but it does pick up. Still not really sure I like Luke Cage all that much as a character though, after some of the choices he makes.


Finished this last week—MUUUUUUUUUCH better than Season 1. I’d still rather be watching Daredevil or Jessica Jones, but at least I wasn’t in physical pain trying to finish off the season. And, they finally made Iron Fist a likable character. He was no longer Josh from “Big” but acted like an actual adult and then participated in one of the best fight sequences of the series. The bar fight in Ep 3 was also a standout and I’m not sure about the entire final episode. It was… I just don’t know.