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Surprised how quiet this topic is considering how much activity Daredevil/Jessica Jones had. I think I have watched the first three or four eps. A slower build up than the two previously mentioned shows, but it’s entertaining, if not slightly one noted.


I don’t know if it’s necessarily getting burnt out, but I think I’m slowly getting bored of the whole Marvel super-hero shtick, both movies and TV. I had finished Luke Cage within a few days after it released but had already kind of forgotten about it…


I came back in here thinking I’d see all sorts of praise for it. I just finished Episode 9, I believe. Went on the internet and googled “Luke Cage sucks” and “Luke Cage isn’t good” and all I could find is articles on how Luke Cage is superior than JJ/DD just because it spoke to social issues?

I think that’s what is bogging this show down and makes me hate it the most. I get it. Luke Cage is black. Harlem used to be a bad place and predominantly black, but one of the things I enjoyed about Luke Cage in JJ is that he wasn’t bogged down by the weight of that. He was a person of abilities - not a person of color and abilities.

My wife and I struggle to finish every episode. Somehow Colter and Dawson are the best part of this show but it makes me want to go watch Black Dynamite since that movie knows it’s a parody of blaxploitation films.

I don’t enjoy this show at all other than a few moments. I cannot wait til this season is over. I wish this season was about 6 to 7 episodes because there’s just too much filler going on here. The villain(s) have NOTHING on Fisk nor Dr Who. Ugh.


We are also having a rough time getting through the series. I think we just finished episode 6. With DD, I binged both seasons in 2 days each. With JJ, we binged in 2-3 days. With Cage, we are taking long breaks in between viewing sessions because it’s just. So. Slow. I’m not excited to begin again which is a completely different experience from the previous 3 Netflix Marvel series.


I just don’t get it. There’s way too much unnecessary drama that isn’t integral to the series - or at least it doesn’t seem that way. When we saw that one of the episodes was 1 hour and 5 minutes, we groaned. It shouldn’t be this bad.


Oh no…I have’t started it yet but now…


Same here. Might skip this one.


Sounds like a skip to me.


I’ll tell you guys at the end of the season. Just saw Episode 10 last night. At best, a 5 out of 10 and it’s one of the better episodes so far. SO MUCH UNNECESSARY FILLER.


Uuuuuugh,I had so much hope for this show.


I just hope it’s not a sign of things to come from future Netflix Marvel shows.


Not even done with the Season… lumbering through Episode 12.

I don’t care if it spoils anything but Luke Cage bumps into Method Man who is getting robbed at a bodega. Luke Cage saves him. Method Man has the hugest boner for Luke Cage. Luke Cage act all cool and sassy. Method Man goes on Sway’s radio show and does a freestyle on air about Luke Cage is awesome because he’s a bulletproof black man and they can’t afford Iron-Man or something like that.

Fuck you show, fuck you.


DAMMIT. I’m still gonna try it out but man…



Hopefully I’ve brought down your expectations enough that you might actually enjoy some of it.


Me, too.



Please don’t make a Season 2 like this, Marvel. This sucked dick.




Oh, man! I finally trudged my way through the second half of the season to finish this. And after begrudgingly sitting through all 13 episodes, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PAYOFF in the end. None. I was hoping for a big, awesome boss fight in the finale, but even that was lame. Like, Goldberg vs. Brock Lesnar WrestleMania 20 lame.

If you want to enjoy Luke Cage, just watch this trailer:

It’s the best scene in the entire series and it’s even better than the one in the actual show because it uses a far superior song. Just… watch that and patiently wait for Iron Fist to redeem the Marvel/Netflix franchise.