Luke Cage

Luke Cage
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Colter revealed the release date of the series while on the red carpet for the Daredevil Season 2 premiere in New York City. According to the actor, all 13 episodes of Luke Cage will be available on Netflix on September 30, 2016.



What if he gets shot in the eye? He’s done for, right? It’s just his skin that is impenetrable, no?



Yup. I’ll binge that.




I love how beautifully all of these series are tieing in together even with some of the minor characters like Hogarth and Claire.


The Iron Giant is a part of the universe?!?!


Yes, and now it says, “I AM GROOT.”


…and “love those toenails, by the way…matches your nipples.”


So I was all like “c’mon! car doors won’t block bullets!” but then he had a bunch of bullet holes in his hoodie…


Yeah, I was kind of wondering that too. The car door seemed to be used more as a battering ram than anything else.

Well, and as a hotdog bun for that last thug, but a battering ram otherwise.



Just picking up Shane’s slack here:


Sorry. No Wu Tang Clan equals no posty post.



Digging it.


Shits available to stream, yo.


Watched the first ep over lunch. I’m in. That’s all I have to say for now.


Watched the first two episodes - am enjoying the slow burn pace to this so far.