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Pfffffffffffft… what does RT know… 93… lowballing sons of bitches.



This movie was pretty great. When they decided to go R-rated… they weren’t messing around. This movie is brutal.


Oh hey, this movie is pretty damn good too.



So this is how it feels… when he looks at me.


Gonna see this bad boy tonight!


That was awesome. Loved the tone and the dynamics between the characters. This might be my favorite X-men movie.


Ugh, first Star Wars and now this. I really need to figure out a better Dad/Life balance.


Yeah, this was pretty sweet. Felt like a standalone story, not really directly tied to the previous movies. Not sure if that’s strictly because of the time difference or if there’s an intentional disconnect or if it’s just tonally that different. Whatever, I loved it.


Maybe the hype set the bar a little too high for me, but I didn’t enjoy this movie as much as I thought (or hoped) I would. Old, dying Wolverine is just kind of sad to watch. Same with Xavier. X-23 was awesome though.



When I first watched it in the theaters, I liked it but it was a bit letdown-ish? But I loved it after a second viewing.


I might have to give it another chance. I actually liked the darker tone of it and showing the uglier side of mutants, I just thought everything after the farmhouse was anticlimactic and very one note. I would have preferred exploring the state of the world more than focusing on the kids.