Life is Strange 2

Life is Strange 2
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Life Is Strange 2

Dontnod returns for a follow-up to 2015's popular, episodic adventure game.

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I opened tidbits while I had some music playing and that gif danced along perfectly.


I played through the “demo” called The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit last week. It was great. If you like Life is Strange, get this game for free and play it. It’s two hours—what have you got to lose?

My only criticism… no trophies.




Mini review: It’s good. But for some reason, I didn’t like it as much as the other 2. And after playing Detroit, I felt underwhelmed by the choices versus consequences. At no time did I feel like my actions were going to change the direction of where I was headed. I did watch alternate endings after I finished, so you can actually alter things, I just felt like you couldn’t. Having said all that, it’s a good story with good characters and if Choose-Your-Own-Adventure games are your jam you should check this out.

7 Captain Spirit toys out of 9