LEGO™ Dimensions

LEGO™ Dimensions
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The new sets are dropping soon and this was announced. After seeing the trailer for this movie, I may have to actually splurge and get this set.

And I wasn’t planning on getting Knight Rider either, but…

It looks so good. Homer agrees…


Can I borrow $10,000 because you can clearly spare it.


So, uh… while my wife was shoe shopping… I accidentally ended up with this thing:

It just leapt into my hands. And then onto the counter. I couldn’t stop it.


Not sure what I think about those gold bases. I kind of want to unwrap them and stick that stale chocolate in my mouth. Have they always been like that?


No. They updated them in Year 2 to show that the gold bases unlock Battle Mode stages.


Dreams CAN come true!

Look what just arrived! I believe in the Golden Rule—The Man with the Gold… Rules.
-Mr. T


Best Buy Rules! I got this set a day early… woo hoo!!!

I ordered ET from Amazon (because gift cards) and Gremlins from Best Buy (because Gamer’s Club) at the same time. I was curious to see which one arrived first. Turns out… Amazon hasn’t even shipped my ET yet. I doubt it’ll arrive tomorrow. :frowning:




This game has some sweet Easter Eggs:

Portal Fun!

BBC stuff.


Oh, dude, I actually want this.


So, I finally got back to this game and played the Sonic level. I think it has dethroned Portal 2 as the best LEGO Dimensions level pack and probably the best SONIC game in years.


I can’t wait to play The Goonies level. If Amazon ever decides to ship my level pack. Stupid Amazon. If this were Best Buy, I would have had it 2 days before the release date… Stupid, stupid Amazon.


Smurf, thoughts?


Yeah. I blame all of you for not buying it.

I did just pick up Beetlejuice though, but haven’t had time to play his level.