Law Breakers

Law Breakers
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A class-based, sci-fi arena shooter in a world where gravity has become distorted and the Law is waging a war on those who would break it. From the head designer of Unreal Tournament and development lead of Killzone.

First Released

August 7, 2017


PC, PlayStation 4


Boss Key Productions


First-Person Shooter

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Looks like we get some teasers for future teasers this week. More reveals on Tuesday and Wednesday.


I guess it’s not called the shattering. Oops.

*Updated Topic title to the real name of the game: Law Breakers


Cool logo. Now if Giant Bomb would just update their image. They are SOOO behind the times.


So far he’s talked about the 3 pillars of the game: Gangs, Guns, and Gravity.


Here’s what we know so far:

  • It’s set years after a big earthquake, where the world has re-built but has a growing problem with crime.
  • It pits a law faction versus criminal gangs, called Breakers. “Both are breaking the law of gravity,” says Bleszinski. The game is “insanely vertical,” players will want to avoid the ground, and you have powers that can create low-gravity zones.
  • It has “arena shooter in its roots”, but is also doing RPG-ish things with classes and weapon types and so on.
  • Bleszinski talks a lot about American Football.

We already knew that LawBreakers would be a free-to-play first-person shooter set in a post-apocalyptic sci-fi world, as Bleszinski has been teasing the game – previously known as Project Bluestreak – since the middle of 2014. This is the first sight of what it looks like beyond concept art and comes after publisher Nexon launched a teaser site for the game called The Shattering earlier this week.

Here’s what Bleszinski said about the kind of game he wants to make in a Reddit AMA last year:

“I want to make a skill based game where someone who is really, really good is seen as a player with nearly godlike abilities. Sure, once in a while the person who sucks might get lucky with a stray shot and take that person down, but I want to craft a game that has weapons and moves that are easy to learn but to really make them sing takes thousands of hours of play just like a professional athlete would. Anyone can toss a football, but Drew Brees can get it through the tire at X yards every time.”

More details to follow when they start actually saying things on this livestream.

Yes, that is a double quote you see. Score!



Actual game play. Looks pretty good.


Rocket JUMP!




Ha, right there with @Jango some parts of it looked ok, but I am not sure what I should be really excited about. The movement is the only interesting thing so far and with Destiny, Titanfall, CoD, Halo, Overwatch and Battleborn (I think that is the right born game) all moving towards a similar style of FPS this is going to have trouble standing out


I think it looks fun and am interested, but agree that this really doesn’t come off as unique in any way. Not sure how this is going to get a large enough player base.


I think with the low low price of free and Cliffy B’s name attached to the project, it will draw enough players initially. The game play and the structure of the in game purchases (IE will it be pay to win?) will determine the longevity.

If my PC will run it, I’ll definitely check it out.


Slow news day, get off my back.




oh? Could be worth checking out if it’s priced right.



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The quick details.


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