Killer Instinct: Season 3

Killer Instinct: Season 3
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This really is a great game, especially for being free. Their menus are a little obtrusive, but it is one of the most fully featured fighting games I have seen in many years, especially considering other offerings that are charging full price.


I know this was bait for me specifically (and you got me—well played), but you’re comparing a free-to-play game (you get what… one free character?) that’s been out for 3 years and costs as much as SFV to get everything, to a game that’s been out for a month and just got hours worth of free content dropped on it yesterday and will continue to get free content all year long.

I haven’t played KI since the SNES days, but it was great back then, so I can’t compare how fun it is to SFV, but SFV is the best Street Fighter game, mechanics-wise, I’ve ever played. But having the Battletoads and Arbiter in there… that’s pretty cool.


It wasn’t really a jab at you, but it was definitely a jab at SFV. I just think that fighting games need to evolve, both in their offerings and in their pricing structure, and I feel like SFV failed at both. They released an unfinished, full price game, while KI released a feature rich, pay what you want game.

I know this isn’t for everyone, but I personally only ever have time to main one or two characters, and I would much rather know exactly what I am paying for, and have dozens of options of how much I want to pay, then simply having blind faith in Capcom in giving them my $60 in hopes that they will deliver a full product. That may come off as a jab to anyone who did pay full price for the game, and more power to you if you did, I just don’t like the precedence it is setting and hope it doesn’t turn in to a trend.

But, [rainbow]let’s just be friends and not fight[/rainbow] :angel:


That’s fair. But Capcom did lay out their 2016 schedule before the game shipped so everyone knew what to expect before shelling out their money.

And to play Devil’s Advocate to your point, I only main about 2 characters as well. But… I want to play the story with ALL of them. So for me, SFV is the better deal because I can play with each character, find my 2 favorites, focus on getting better with them, but I can also see all of the story with the other characters. Granted, there is no actual story mode yet, but by the time June rolls around, I’ll have taken each character through their pre-story and several rounds of survival mode so that I don’t get trounced when trying to play later.

I main Guile. Guile isn’t out yet. So, I had to play with several characters before I found Nash as my main. Can you test each character in KI to determine which you’d want to buy? That’s a legit question… I have no idea how that system works.

And as a downside to the KI free-to-play model… don’t you get sick of facing Jago? Again and again and again? He’s the free character, right? I know in other free-to-play games, I get sick of seeing the same characters over and over again with the occasional whale that offers up some variety. I feel like the game would get old if many people aren’t spending any money to play. Also, I don’t know if this is truly the case, I’m using Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes as my example. All I see are Darth Sideous users everywhere.


I have no doubt that SFV is a more serious fighting game and for the more serious fighter, it’s the way to go. I am just more of a casual fighter and I love the structure that KI has for just being able to pick up and play as much as the game as I want, even with limited characters. I believe they cycle in free fighters on a weekly basis, but I don’t pay that close of attention to it, honestly. When I did play online, I actually don’t remember going up against too many Jagos. There are enough sales and deals throughout the year that I think a lot of players, including myself, generally pick up one of the season packs on the cheap and they have access to a handful of characters.