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I’m afraid to watch that. Does it give away the ending like BvS’s final trailer did?




I watched it. It looks good. Please don’t let me down, Joss.



I forgot I haven’t fixed the spoiler tag yet, so I’ll try to get to that soon, but in the meantime, I’ll just drop this here without giving any context other than don’t click unless you want possible spoilers:



Figured as much


So John Stewart or Hal Jordan?


In hindsight, maybe releasing this film two weeks after Thor might not have been the most brilliant idea. Probably will go with the wife to see it next weekend and I know the comparisons will flow galore about how much this sucks versus the Thor movie :confused:


I liked this movie quite a bit. I feel it’s redemption for BvS. I’ll write more on Monday when I’m not typing on an iPad. But I feel that any reviewer being overly negative already had their mind made up that this was going to be bad before even seeing it and are now trying to one up each other to see who can sound like the biggest jackass. Aka I’m sick of the constant negativity. This movie was no less than good. Sure, it’s not Thor Ragnarok, but it’s definitely not Suicide Squad.


Okay, I’m going to have a real hard time gushing about the positives of this movie without going into spoilers. So… I’ll try to mark them.

Suicide Squad was an abomination. BvS had it’s good moments, but the trailers spoiling the ending and the horrible casting and directing of Lex Luthor ruined that entire movie for me. Wonder Woman was great and gave me hope for Justice League.

Literally before it began, I turned to my buddy and said, “please be good, please be good, please be good.” And after the movie… I said, “Bring on Flashpoint!”

The ONLY negative I have concerning this film, is the same complaint I have against Wonder Woman: A boring, CGI villain with one goal and purpose and zero personality. Also, ::SPOILER:: no cameo from a Green Lantern at the end. ::END SPOILER:: But that was a pipe dream anyhow.

Now onto the spoiler-filled positives.
This movie was good for the entire first half. Not amazing or fantastic, but good. It had cool scenes with Batman and Aquaman and Wonder Woman all fighting on their own. And then a moment when they get together and fight for a bit and it was good. Some cheesy lines, some odd exposition about some family in the middle of nowhere, whatever. It wasn’t Suicide Squad. And then that moment. Superman is back… and fighting the “Justice League” cuz he doesn’t fully remember who he is or whatever. And The Flash is speeding past him to get behind him… and Superman’s eye just turns towards him. Then his whole head moves and just gives The Flash the meanest death glare ever and in that one moment, this movie went from good to great. And it stayed great the entire rest of the film. When Superman finally returns… it’s SUPERMAN. Not the Man of Steel, not some brooding alien outcast, it’s truth, justice and the American way Superman. Sure, the final fight became anti-climactic once he started wailing on Steppenwolf, but this was the team I’ve wanted to see in a movie my entire life. And then it shows Wonder Woman battling crooks and camaraderie between Bruce and Clark and Superman challenging the Flash to a race and them setting up a Hall of Justice and it just gave me so much hope for the entire franchise. I want this to do well enough at the box office, so they can take the ending of this movie and make an ENTIRE movie out of it.

More positives:
Cyborg wasn’t the CGI eyesore I was worried he’d be. He actually had a personality and was a worthwhile character. Aquaman was kinda funny, but had some groan-worthy lines. His dialogue needs some adjusting, but as a character overall, he worked. The Flash was—by far—my favorite part. Batman was brooding and seemed old and tired, but… he is old in this movie. Wonder Woman was great and Superman was back. His scenes were so well done… I know others have made jokes about his CGI upper lip, but I didn’t even notice… I just enjoyed what they did with his character.

And the music. There are hints of 1988 Batman and 1976 Superman in there… and it all worked. Fantastic score!

The heroes are FINALLY the way they should be.
Now… If DC can get their “Loki” or even their “Hela” then they’ve got all the ingredients to make an awesome sequel.

128 Batarangs out of 146 “My Man’s”


Sitting here in the theater with my son and 3 of his friends. My bar is low but at least they seem excited.


Ok. Not nearly as bad as BvS. I actually kinda liked it aside from the Snyder trade marked slow motion. Forgot how much I like Cavill as Superman. Just wish the material was better.




I enjoyed this film way more than I thought I would. I think the bar was set that damn low, but it really is an enjoyable film. It felt more Whedonesque in the dialogue, which is probably a much better step. Can’t believe I am saying this, but a few observations:

Aquaman would have benefited from having an entire movie to himself before this.

I liked the castings for each character. I hated Cyborg’s design in this movie and I feel bad because the actor got to show like 5% of himself and it looked meh. There is some good news in that department towards the end though.

THE Superman is back and it is much needed. Didn’t realize how much this would be missed until Justice League.

Batman in this film, really makes me miss TAS Justice League Batman.

What’s with DC and CGI villains? Stop that shit, although the last post credit scene gives me hope.

Overall, I’d give this about a 6 or 7 out of 10. It’s way better than BvS in my opinion. Everyone has their moments and shine. I’m sad that there is no Green Lantern, but I can see how the extra character might have offset the time balance. I’m looking forward to the next film in this universe.


We’ll see…


I did not hate this film. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a good film but the characters were kind of great, there was some joy and levity in it, and it was kind of fun. However, the villain was generic and unmemorable, there were plot issues all over the place, and way too much was CGI. But he worst thing was Cavill’s reshoot computer mouth. Othwerwise, I think it’s worth a watch.


I don’t think there wasn’t a single scene in this movie that didn’t have CGI or a green screen. It’s ridiculous, but yeah, I thought this would be a 2 out of 10 movie. It was more of a 6 to me.

The villain is really what kills it for me. Had the villain been better, it would have lifted the film. At least the last 30 seconds looked… promising? (post credit scene)


If the next movie builds upon and expands what this one did right and they do something with that credits scene? They might really have something there. Also, loved the casting of the villain in the boat. I think I already knew who it was but the reveal was still great.


I think the lesson from Wonder Woman, JL and Suicide Squad is this… NO. MORE. CGI. VILLAINS.

Although, Suicide Squad was irredeemable no matter what villain was placed in that train wreck. But the weakest parts of WW and JL were definitely the antagonist and their lack of personality. At least Ares in WW had a human form for a good portion of the end battle.


I’ll just echo what everyone else has said. The villain is completely disposable (especially after Killmonger in Black Panther). I don’t love Afleck as Batman, but not enough so that it takes away from the movie. Overall, a solid film. I look forward to the next one.