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Justice League
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You know, you bring up a point that I don’t think I’ve thought of before; his movies are always so dark. Not broody dark but lighting dark. I mean, I understand that a bit with Batman, but Aquaman, Flash and Wonder Woman all have very colorful and bright comics, even when their stories get a little “dark.”

EDIT: Also, all y’all need to read more Aquaman comics, like goddamn…


Aquaman Shmaquaman.

My main DC comics were The Flash and Green Lantern. And Superman. And some Batman.


Aside from Aquaman, I also recommend checking out Animal Man and Swamp Thing from the New 52 run. Also the Wonder Woman run. Maybe Blue Beetle. Definitely not the Green Lantern one, that one was turrible.

I’m not really up to speed on anything DC did after the New 52 though.


I’ve only read pre-52 stuff.



Not even kidding bruh, probably my favorite run of the New 52 series. The art alone is flippin’ fantastic.


I’d like to get in on this Animal Man/Swamp Thing/Aquaman New 52 love that @Threctory is preaching. I was spending about $50 a week on comics (following lots of series) when the New 52 stuff happened and my two favorites at the time were Animal Man and Swamp Thing. New 52 Aquaman was fantastic as well.



So what are Animal Man’s powers? Does he transform into animals? Can he talk to them and/or control them?


Kinda sorta. His ability is that he can gain/mimic the power of any animal he wants, animals that exist or have existed and sometimes even alien creatures, via The Red.

The Animal Man and Swamp Thing runs actually interconnect a few times as well. (Swamp Thing gets his power from The Green)





Really? Joss Whedon stepping in to just “wrap it up”?


What the hell is this monstrosity?


Doesn’t look much more monstrous than The Dark Knight one if you ask me…


I liked the tumbler.


I didn’t mind it either, I’m just not sure what you see in the Justice League one that disgusts you over the tumbler. Too many guns for your liking?


Yeah, the guns don’t help, but overall I think it’s just the disjointed look.


They should go back to this: