Justice League

Justice League
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Meh. No Nam-Ek, no excitement.


Pass based on Cyborg alone.


It feels like someone is missing in that trailer…


Made me think of this.


Eff you guys…I’m psyched to see this. :slight_smile:


Hey, at least they didn’t show how the movie ends. So, it’s got that going for it.


I don’t know, I thought it looked good and the trailer did a decent job of setting things up without giving a lot away. Plus, I really like the casting choices. I like Batfleck. I like Momoa as Aquaman. I like Ezra Miller. I just hope they pull off the roles.


I liked the trailer too. It made me a bit more confident in their casting of The Flash. I wasn’t impressed by the really small cameo in BvS, so this helped a lot.


I really like the casting. I am hopeful that they are able to pull this off bigtime.


The fact that everyone is digging the trailer… and someone is missing from it… says a lot.


[quote=“SynnDiesel, post:11, topic:689, full:true”]
The fact that everyone is digging the trailer… and someone is missing from it… says a lot.[/quote]

It’s funny that it took the death of the one character that’s supposed to give people hope to make the franchise look fun and colorful.


Ambush Bug?




Holy shit that looks bad.

Cyborg CGI = ROFL

Shame too because the stand alone WW movie looks fun. This…not so much.


I think Cyborg is the only part of that trailer that looks bad. We know Batman and WW can be great in a movie and they’ve somehow managed to make Aquaman look interesting. The Flash may have some cool parts as well like Quicksilver in the X-men movies, so I’m not worried about that. But yeah, Cyborg looks like trash.


Who or what will the Justice League be battling in this movie?

Also agree, Cyborg looks


I don’t want to know that. The BvS trailers ruined that once before.


I don’t know. I guess I’m just not a fan of Snyder. I hate his use of slow mo, the heavy use of GCI that quite frankly looks like CGI, and hate how everything is so damn dark.

Also not a fan of Batman swinging around all over the place. What the hell is his rope/cable attached to?