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Iron Fist
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This show fuckin’ blows.


So far into Episode 3. I mean… it’s not Diamondback cringeworthy, but it isn’t good either.

For a guy who spent 15 years mastering his emotions - he really does lose his shit a LOT.


I guess I’m going to have to be the opposing voice here. I liked Iron Fist. We binged the whole season over the weekend and even my wife liked it and she couldn’t finish Luke Cage with me. I had to descend into that nightmare abyss all on my own. While not up to Daredevil or Jessica Jones, it’s 100x better than Luke Cage, but it did suffer from some of the same problems Cage did.

Light Spoilers ahead… nothing major.

Basically, I really enjoyed episodes 1-6, even if the dialogue was super cheesy. The fight scenes, especially the cage matches, were really well done. The next 4 episodes were pure garbage. 7 just got way too dark and gruesome, while 8-10 were just dialogue and exposition that could have been condensed into one episode. It was a real drudge to get through them and I felt like I was watching Luke Cage again, because that was EVERY episode. Then it picked up again in 11-13 with 12 probably being my favorite episode in the season.

Overall, I think Marvel/Netflix shot themselves in the foot by making every show last 13 episodes. Luke Cage’s story could have been told in 6; Iron Fist in 9 or 10.

And I have to disagree with @SynnDiesel - some folks just have anger issues, especially when it comes to the death of parents. Look at Anakin Skywalker… he trained with Jedi his whole life and look how he turned out.


[quote=“DarthSmurfX, post:44, topic:686, full:true”]
Look at Anakin Skywalker… he trained with Jedi his whole life and look how he turned out.[/quote]


I think my major gripe is writing-related more than anything else. I don’t know how to address an issue we had that was resolved in a rather roundabout way.

I think saying anything is better than Luke Cage is a low standard. That said, I’m not even 25% into this show so… who knows by the end whether I enjoy it way more. Personally, Luke Cage made me turn my brain way off from previous Marvel shows. That might be helping too.


I personally think the fight choreography is terrible across the board and might be considered high quality if this was still the 90’s. Felicity and Friends has better choreographed fight scenes than this.