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Injustice 2
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I started and finished the story yesterday and it was quite good. I’m not sure if the story was better than Injustice 1’s (which was/is my favorite fighting game story to date), but it’s at least equal to it. My only gripe with it was that I got bored fighting certain characters multiple times (Bane) and SPOILERS just when I thought it was over, there was another chapter. Granted, the final 2 fights were pretty epic, but the 2 just before that were… filler. END SPOILERS

On the plus side… I love Supergirl. Her moves fit so well into my playstyle and the customization is perfectly implemented. Also, loot crates were done SO WELL. Having loot crate rewards after almost everything you play is quite rewarding and makes me want to just keep playing, unlike Battlefront 2 where it takes FOREVER to gain enough credits for a loot crate. I finished the story and then moved right into the Multiverse and wanted to just keep playing and unlocking things because I’m apparently really susceptible to this form of gambling/reward system.

The combat is fun, even though it’s WAAAY more complicated than the Street Fighter stuff I’m used to. I played the tutorial and then instantly forgot how to do about 70% of what they were trying to teach me.

At any rate, we need some more Tibbitters to pick this up so we can form a Guild.


Just play more ‘dial-a-combo’ fighters bruh.



God damn those intro videos make this game look so fuckin cool. I’m only on chapter 4 or so of the story, but I have completely lost my touch for fighting games and just feel completely worthless. I’m not sure if I just really need to spend some time with a couple characters online or what, but it’s hard to have fun at something you are so bad at. I could hold my own in the first, but can’t get any kind of groove going yet for this. Sucks being old.


It is challenging, especially when you have to use a character you suck at, ie Batman for me. Luckily, Injustice lowers the AI difficulty after 4 or 5 losses for a particular opponent, so you can progress.


If you do the Battle Simulator and play it through, you get different “post credit scene” endings for AFTER the game. You get an achievement if you do ALL of the endings. Currently working on that just because I was curious.


Is the Battle Simulator just the tutorial? I thought I did that, but I just beat the story and it said I had to beat all scenarios to unlock alternate ending. I haven’t done any of the Multiverse stuff, so maybe that’s what I’m missing?


It’s in Multiverse, the bottom right planet.


Have you guys been playing a lot of single player? I really have no desire to go online, but I am starting to dig this game more and more. I just don’t know if it really makes sense to sink time in to a fighter that I don’t intend to take online.


I’ve only done single player so far. The Multiverse keeps things fresh and the unlockables are nice rewards for just playing the way you want to play.

I would like to play against people I know though eventually—I have no real interest in getting annihilated by strangers.


I’ve done a shit ton of single player with Supergirl mostly. Trying to get a hang of it and doing a LOT of Multiverse. I highly doubt I’d try to play MP


It looks like you can play as any of the four turtles, with other members of the gang assisting with special moves when the time is right.

YES! They look good!