Injustice 2

Injustice 2
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Almost bought this yesterday… will probably just wait til it drops in price eventually, but definitely want to own it.



She looks fun to use. I need this game…


New Superman shader that alters his moves too:


Not sure if I’m crazy about another MK character in Injustice, but Hellboy is an interesting, and well-timed, addition. I’m looking forward to buying the GOTY edition of this.


It’s on sale on X-Box for $48. I’m sort of considering it. I just know it’ll go down lower eventually.


Yeah, I think $30 is the sweet spot for me.


That also doesn’t include any DLC packs though.



Wake me up when this is on PS+, please.



So his ‘Right Hand of Doom’ keeps switching arms…


Yep, most definitely buying this game now, if not just to support the inclusion of TMNT.


Me too. Someday.


I bought the Ultimate Edition. Fuck it.


Injustice 2 is on sale for $20 on PSN right now. Bought it!

Now bring on the Turtles!


Nice. I saw that Gamestop was selling it for $14 on Black Friday, but I never know if that’s retail only, physical only, or what. $20 for a digital copy sounds good to me.

Now my problem is I am really tempted to pick up an X because I want a 4k bluray player, and just pissed that the Pro doesn’t offer it. I know it’s been covered before, but wtf were they thinking? Obviously it cuts down on cost, but how can you offer a 4k console without the ability to play 4k blurays?

I want to get a Pro because that’s where my library is, but the X has proven to be clearly more powerful and has the bluray player, so it is not making my decision easy.

Sorry, just venting. Ignore all of the above.


People still buy blu-rays?

I kid, but seriously. People still buy blu-rays?


Yeah, when you are splitting hairs on things like HD vs 4K, streaming is just too unreliable to consistently provide stable resolution. As annoying as physical is, it’s still the best way to watch 4K content if you want to guarantee you are getting the best possible picture.

Even the differences in streaming services and the hardware they are streamed on is unbelievably frustrating. Vudu just allowed HDR on Nvidia Shield Android OS last week, but still doesn’t on Sony Android TV. It’s just dumb.

I’m just going to keep using this as my venting session…

It’s really not that much different then streaming vs downloading video games, other than input lag of course. There are no services that I have found yet that allow you to download 4k content, you can only stream it. Even though the technology has improved significantly, do you really want to rely on streaming your games over downloading/playing from a disc? You would pick digital download/physical disc every time, no?


Fuck I bought the ultimate edition just two weeks ago lol I actually like this game a lot… lots of replayability