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Destructoid - Nick Valdez | Review-In-Progress (PS4)

If you’re wondering whether or not Injustice 2 is worth jumping into, as of right now, it is if you’re interested in the slightest. It’s the full DC Universe experience NetherRealm Studios had wanted to nail since Gods Among Us. The single-player experience has also been enhanced to the point where you won’t even have to go online for a while if the Gear System speaks to you.

Eurogamer - Wesley Yin-Poole | Recommended (PS4)

NetherRealm’s latest is content complete.

AngryCentaurGaming - Jeremy Penter | Buy (PS4, XB1)

This is a ‘Buy’ without a doubt. This is more fun than Injustice 1 by a great deal and there’s just more here. In fact, I could see sinking three to four times more hours into this than the original.

Kotaku - Mike Fahey | Unscored (XB1)

Netherrealm Studios stumbling while adding an innovative new feature to Injustice 2 would have been much more tragic if the bits they normally excel at, fighting and storytelling, weren’t so spectacular this time around. Where follow-ups to traditional comic book events often fail, Injustice 2 is a worthy successor to the original in almost every way.

Paste Magazine - Cameron Kunzelman | 9 / 10 (PS4)

It is the lightest possible complaint to say that I had a great time with a videogame, and I have already ordered the PS4 version of the first game to go back and play. I’ve also read the first year of the tie-in comic book to find out more about this weird fork universe of DC Comics. I guess I’m now waiting for Injustice 3 to come out. I need to know what’s up with Swamp Thing and the wild world of a nature worth fighting for.

GameSpot - Peter Brown | 9 / 10 (PS4)

NetherRealm sets a new bar for fighting games in 2017 with Injustice 2, despite over-complicating its most distinct feature.

Twinfinite - Ishmael Romero | 4.5 / 5 (PS4)

All in all, Injustice 2 is one seriously impressive package. NetherRealm has never shied away from packing their fighting games with lots of content for players to sink their teeth into and this latest installment is no different.

Game Informer - Andrew Reiner | 9 / 10 (PS4)

A deep game that hits hard in three key areas: fighting, story, and collecting

Nerdist - Edwin Garcia | 4.5 / 5 (PS4)

Injustice 2 is without a doubt the complete package. It is a robust DC universe mashup narrative spanning all reaches of that universe and the introduction of the limitless Multiverse make this one of the beefiest fighting games on the market. The gameplay is super tight, easy to grasp, and difficult to master. The gear system also gives the game an RPG element, which adds a ton of replay value in the process. Unfortunately the Online and Guild system weren’t completely rolled out prior to launch, so we’ll have to wait and see how that truly works once the game is officially available. A strong online experience can turn make this game’s life expectancy limitless. We’ll also have to see how the competitive scene receives the game. Even then, this is a brawler worth investing your time into. It’s madness at its finest.

IGN - Darry Husky | 8.5 / 10 | [IN PROGRESS] (PS4, XB1)

Those that feel comfortable in executing complex inputs or training muscle memory can jump right in and have a blast, but if you’re new to fighting games you should know that pushing your success beyond the beginning stages will take some practice and time.

Xbox Achievements - Richard Walker | 85% (XB1)

With NetherRealm firing on all cylinders, Injustice 2 is not just a great looking comic book fighting game, but it’s also a remarkably deep, gratifying and consistently entertaining one too. The gear system is great too, ensuring you’ll be playing for months on end. A triumphant return for DC’s heroes and villains.



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My son bought this. He’s having friends over today for small tourney.

I suck at these games but they are fun to play.


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