Indie Pile: The Thread

Indie Pile: The Thread
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That looks really cool.


Alright, beat the demo, now very tempted to back it, should have put this on the Kickstarter thread, but oh well


I could have swore I, or someone else, has mentioned Owlboy somewhere else in here, but search doesn’t seem to be picking up on it. Well, even if I’m repeating myself, this game is absolutely fantastic!

I picked it up 33% off on Steam since it just recently came to Mac and it looks friggen gorgeous on my 5k monitor. Can’t wait to play more!


Looks pretty good. I may pick this up if the price is right.


Smurf, I’m going to use you as a guinea pig. If you were to play that game, which one of the following motivations do you think would influence you the most to keep playing/enjoying the game?

The top choice being the category, and then select one of the bottom two choices below that to be the actual motivation.


Creativity > Design


Thanks. Was that an easy answer for you? I’m playing around with some ideas for Lifebar.




This could probably be a private conversation, but this site needs more activity anyways. Do you think there is anything missing from that list? The only thing I am thinking of adding is a Knowledge category with the two choices of Academic or FOMO below that.


Knowledge would be a good addition for puzzle games, etc… other than that… I can’t think of any other reasons I’d play a certain game.






Old article, but I just discovered this gem via a streaming video from EZA. It looks quite fun.


Friends and I have played the shit out of it, can confirm it’s quite fun.


Man, I’ve been looking forward to this one: our award-winning creation Rise & Shine is coming to PS4 tomorrow courtesy of Adult Swim Games and (takes a deep breath) Super Awesome Hyper Dimensional Mega Team!

In this game you control a kid named Rise who’s accidentally given Shine, a legendary, super-powerful gun, right in the middle of the bloodiest war his planet has ever seen. That planet is Gamearth: the once peaceful home to all classic videogame characters.

So you’ll need to be really brave and learn to use Shine’s different bullets and add-ons to advance through all the challenges waiting for you. And make no mistake: you’re going to die a lot! Gamearth is a ruthless world where those respawning powers of yours will come in handy.

Sounds kinda cool.


Looks cool.


I saw a Q*Bert statue in that trailer.


May 16th. I like the art style.

As a wild fox, you are sent on a perilous journey aided only by your ability to change the seasons at will. Pounce through a wondrous land governed by magic and nature, dancing with the elements as you dynamically switch between the seasons.

Winter freezes waterfalls, while the rain from Spring raises water levels. Switching to Summer causes plants to grow and extend, while Fall brings mushrooms to bloom, creating new platforms to climb!

Switching between seasons offers a constantly changing, fresh aesthetic, visually altering the charming hand-drawn world around you. It also has a meaningful impact on gameplay, opening up unique new ways to explore the forest and uncover the truth about the Guardians.