Indie Pile: The Thread

Indie Pile: The Thread
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I thought Pac-Man Championship Edition 2 was gonna be a great sequel, but we all know how that turned out.



The Snow Beta will cost $19.99 and gets you a lot more than a chance to see the game still in development. By joining the Beta, you will receive the Founder’s Pack, consisting of more than $30 worth of clothing, equipment, and exclusive items. This includes two full outfits (including skis and snowboard) of the latest clothing and equipment from the biggest brands. The bundle also includes two PS4 exclusive items: a gold snowmobile and a gold drone — both of which will only be available on PS4 during the Beta this fall.

Those of you with PlayStation Plus are in for a treat. In addition to the Beta items described above, you will receive another exclusive outfit — dedicated to the 80s! This one-of-a-kind outfit is a complete look, including skis and snowboard. If you love the 80s like we do, you’ll want to rock this rad outfit while you shred the gnar!


I don’t know if the creators of Journey belong in this thread, but here is a teaser to their next game:





I am itching for a good console RTS these days, since I can’t get Halo Wars 2 without a huge hit to the wallet. And this looks right up my alley. Also, you may get to kill raccoons in it, so it can’t be all bad, right @LASSIE?


Day One.



I’m digging the art style.


Me too. Um… but what happened to the link preview this site used to do? I kinda miss that…


I’m looking in to it, but from what I can tell it actually seems to be an issue with disabling embeds, which would be a very strange coincidence if that just happened to have changed after I updated.

Other links appear to be working fine though?

EDIT: Looks likes it’s the way that Discourse now embeds links. It no longer requires a white list, meaning any link should theoretically work, but some sites can disable the way Discourse is now embedding, which it appears that blog is. Bummer.


Housemarque’s new game


looks fun, but I don’t quite get it, is he just floating through the floor to get from level to level?


I remember reading about this game a while back and then didn’t hear much, which is probably a good thing. It smacked of a prettier version of Don’t Starve, but looks like there’s more to it. I’ll be curious how it’s received, out in less than two weeks.


This looks insane.


Inspired by true events, The Town of Light finds its setting at the Volterra Psychiatric Asylum, Tuscany, Italy. In operation for close to a century, the asylum closed in the late 1970s following a law passed by the Italian government, ordering the closure of such facilities and that patients be returned their human rights.

The Town of Light delves into a number of delicate themes through the eyes of protagonist Renée, a resident of the institution, as she tries to piece together her past, exploring the ruins of the facility where she endured much of her youth.

The Ospedale Psichiatrico di Volterra complex still stands to this day and was once home to nearly 6,000 patients, the Charcot — one of the complex’s many structures — and home to our story, has been painstakingly reconstructed by our team. Through extensive research we hope to give our players a glimpse into the treatment of those suffering with mental illness throughout the mid-part of the 20th century.



Download Demo for Windows and Mac

I’ve played about 10 minutes of it and it’s as charming as can be. Highly recommend checking it out if you have a free minute and are on something slightly more powerful than Jay’s P.O.S.