Indie Pile: The Thread

Indie Pile: The Thread
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As much as The Neverhood is one of my favorite games of all time, I can’t buy Armikrog and support such a bigoted asshole of a developer, Doug TenNaple.


Yeah, I actually backed it on Kickstarter and felt dirty afterwards.


I guess I must’ve missed something.


Dude’s a raging homophobe.


I’ve had my eye on Chronicles of Teddy: Exidus for a while and it finally went on sale during the Flash sale this weekend. I’m really enjoying it. It’s Metroid-vania-like, and has a neat little music/tone concept (that has been used before but the only game that comes to mind is Loom). You should check it out when it goes on sale again.


I need to get back to that Stories game you were raving about on PSN a while back. I enjoyed what I played of it, but I can see the gripes about it being repetitive. I do think they have some really good ideas in it, and the combat is far better than Hand of Fate as you have said before. Hopefully that improve that in HoF2.


I was avoiding guides to find the new branches of the stories but I got tired of playing through the same ones over and over because of the choices I was making. I may just cheat because I do want to get back into it,


I was super excited when I saw this:

It’s being compared to Crash Team Racing and only $10. But… then I read it’s local multiplayer only. —Insert super sad pouty face here—







Nidhogg was cool. This looks like a shitty knockoff version.



Agreed. I think the new art style looks atrocious.


Why you gotta cut me deep?



Just rustlin’ your jimmies.


Ehh, you guys are just pissy because it’s such a departure from the original. I applaud them for not simply going down the same pixel art road as most indies and trying something different, even if it doesn’t line up with your tastes. Now just be happy that a sequel to a great party game is coming out, won’t ya?




Double naw.