Indie Pile: The Thread

Indie Pile: The Thread
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Shit show.


Well son of a bitch.


In case anyone was interested in this game:




Wasn’t that game being advertised a couple years ago?


Project Beast was the codename for Bloodborne, if that’s what you’re thinking of?


Maybe? I thought the imagery looked familiar.


It was announced at Gamesom 2013, so maybe you saw some news about it then.


That was probably it.


Looks like Shadow of the Best is a flop:

Polygon 3/10
- Justin McElroy

If Shadow of the Beast is in any way effective, it’s as a cautionary tale of the dangers of nostalgia.

IGN 7.6/10
- Vince Ingenito

Bloody, elegant combat and an otherworldly vibe make Shadow of the Beast a successful reboot of the Amiga classic.

Attack of the Fanboy 3/5
- Kyle Hanson

Shadow of the Beast is a competent action platformer, though its multiple parts don’t come together to form a very cohesive whole.



That’s hilarious. Cool concept.




Yep, that’s an amazing concept. Not sure how fun it would be to play, but it’s fun to watch.


That’s concept. Hilarious cool.



Something to play while waiting for No Man’s Sky…


Looks like a fun party game.



At $9.99 I may have to snag this.