Indie Pile: The Thread

Indie Pile: The Thread

WrestleFest is one of my all-time favorite arcade machines from my childhood. This roster looks… underwhelming though. I’m not sure I can get into it without Jake “The Snake” Roberts, Mr. Perfect, Ultimate Warrior or Ted Dibiase.

The game is $1.49. If it has trophies, I’m going to give it a shot.

PS4… December 17, 2019

This looks really cool.

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This is out on iOS, but here’s some news for other systems:

“[O]ur game runs on iPad, on PC, it will run on console in the future. Android [should come] within a month. In the future, it’s going to cross all platforms. And whether you have PlayStation or Switch we will support crossplay.”

Heard about this on this weeks Bombcast:

Sounds really interesting, wonder if anyone has played it?

There is a bunch of meta to it, but the bottom line is that there are 10 tiers to work through, can you just get put in to a chat room with one other person in each tier, and you have to convince the other person to either split or steal the pot. If you both select split, you split, if you both select steal, you get nothing, if one person steals and the other splits, I think you can guess the results at this point.

Sounds like some of the meta is breaking it, but either way, this sounds like a fun social experiment.