Indie Pile: The Thread

Indie Pile: The Thread
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I’m into it.


Oh man. The more I read about this, the more awesomer it sounds.

This one in particular:

2. Persistent wrecks​

One of the best things about coming back to this genre with the benefit of PS4 hardware is the ability to do things we could never do before — and one of those is what we call persistent wrecks. Every time you take someone down their crashed wreck remains on the road, making each subsequent lap even more dangerous. And we’re excited about what this is going to mean online. (see #10 below!)


My favorites from E3 2019:

Plus, Deliver Us the Moon, The Sinking City and others you can see here:


I lied. I forgot that there was this trailer from the MS conference that I actually liked:



Consoles on August 27th. I loved Destruction Derby back-in-the-day, so hopefully, this will fill that void.


Very concerned with how this will run on a base PS4/X1. It is a GPU beast on PC, so I don’t have high hopes.


480p, 15 FPS.

Actually, they probably dumbed down the graphics or something. I’ll wait to see reviews.


Not too shabby.



Hrmm, wonder if THQ Nordic would be willing to show Remedy a thing or two? Sounds like Control chugs at single digit frame rate on the base consoles, especially PS4. :unamused:



Wish we could get a reboot of Blur


I heard this game was good, but it was PC/Mac-only. Well, it’s coming to all consoles now (despite the article title), so maybe I’ll have to give it a shot.


I guess it’s not exclusive to Arcade.



This is a thing?


Is KFC still the staple Christmas meal in Japan?


I’m just going to put this trailer here because it looks like a mobile game for consoles.