"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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My nephew talks constantly while he plays games. Just dumb commentary and complaining. It’s super annoying and now one of my kids is starting to do it. I blame YouTube.


Sounds like you need to start a family campaign of weening the kids off of YouTube Lets-Players.


I’m really sick of YouTube, or at least all the shit my kids always want to watch on YouTube.


You gotta be real careful with what’s been getting really popular on YouTube Kids over the past year or so.


Watched Bright over the weekend. Not bad.


Ugh, back to work after 2.5 weeks off. Evidently I’m not supposed to take that much time off because nothing is working.


I’m back after a week and a half and the heat isn’t working. Oh, and it’s -5° (feels like -16°) outside.


Back to reality. Been visiting my family in Ventura fir the last 11 days. Needless to say its been great.


This may have accelerated the process of moving back here.


I fricken love Ventura. Spent a lot of time there when I was assigned Comminity Memorial as a client. They got hit pretty hard by the fires, no?


Ventura is our favorite place in CA. It’s like Madison, WI but with better weather. It’s the place we wanted to move to if we ever decided to leave this winter hellscape.


They got hit very hard. I cannot understand how my parents house is still standing. They had 3 around them that are nothing now. Over 1200 structures burned to the ground. 400+ are homes and more that might have to be bulldozed because wiring that melted. Driving around and seeing the destruction was crazy. This pic is my parents neighbors yard. Can see just the chimney is all that’s left.




Can’t wait for the influx of Oregonians to New Jersey


Ayy, I got a promotion and a dollar raise at work.



I’m so glad I watched that game. I’ve been following the Saints and Vikings all season (Kamara and Case Keenum owner in FF), so I was rooting for both. Watching that fourth quarter was amazing. I have NO idea what the hell Williams was thinking when he tried to dodge Diggs and took out Crawley with him. Epic ending to the game.


I’m not sure if Williams came out and said it, or if it was just others defending him, but the defense I heard was that he was early to the ball and didn’t want his momentum to end up in a PI. Can’t say that excuses it, but I couldn’t be happier with the result.


I was at work when it happened and was about to close the browser because the game was over. So glad I caught that.


Just because I can’t help myself, and I’ve waited long enough that I don’t feel guilty basking in it.