"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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BTW… my photo is fake. I made it in Illustrator when my phone camera couldn’t handle it.


I didn’t even attempt to take any crappy photos with my cell phone. I figured I’d leave the photos to the professionals.

We had some sporadic clouds, but it was still super cool to see.


You are welcome.



wtf, Kato Kaelin is hanging out next to me in the executive lounge at the Hyatt…




I saw your picture on Instagram with Kato. The funniest thing being he actually commented on the picture you took with him.


Dude, he sat down with my boss and I we all chatted for like 20 min. Apparently they grew up in the same town in Wisconsin.


@Jango - Is Harvey going to hit you?


Nope. We are way north. We get a nice temp drop and maybe some rain.



  • Deep Fried Avacado - This was really good. It was served with a spicy chipotle ranch. I would mos def eat this again.
  • Duck Bacon Wontons - So, when you picture these in your head you picture a wonton filled with cream cheese and bacon bits right? Well, they also threw in corn and peppers. Which wasn’t necessarily bad, but totally not what I was expecting. I don’t think I’d get these again.
  • Pizzarito - Meh. Pizza plus rice rolled up. I’d rather just have a good piece of pizza.
  • Bowl of Dough - It’s cookie dough. Hard to fuck that up. It had Snickerdoodle, chocolate chip, and some lemon/lime junk that I wasn’t a fan of, but that’s just my personal taste. I’m sure fans of lemon flavored stuff would have enjoyed it.


lol Patriots


Yeah, surprisingly there were only 6 chumps of the 66 picks in my survivor pool that chose them (me being one of those chumps…).


I stopped watching both this game and the UCLA game. I always stop watching Chargers games but this shit never happens for them.


So while I was at my Miniatures Painting Workshop at Madness comics I saw something that I can never un-see. I went to take a leak and while in there a man of great size, neck beard included, came bolting in and landed in the stall next to the urinal I was at. He then sat rather quickly and let out a moan as if to say UUUUUuuggggghhhh. Then much to my horror he wadded up some toilet paper and proceeded to wipe shit out of his underwear. I stood there in horror but could not look away. Said man then left, without washing his hands, and returned to the store. When I left I spotted him perched at his table with his fellow Magic tourney playing folks. Thank you large neck beard for living up to the stereo type.


I’m pretty sure some of the people on my Destiny friends list are doing the same, or else I have no idea how they are progressing as fast as they are.


What sucks is that he didn’t wash his hand and then went and returned to a Magic tourney. Ya know, where you hold cards with your hands.

I’ve never seen him at the Star Wars The Card Game tables otherwise I would have burned all of mine.



So, this happened last night all over the city but was also right in my neighborhood. May not be a big deal for you guys but this rarely happens here and almost never in my area of the city. Being across the street from Golden Gate Park probably helped keep strikes away from buildings on my block.