"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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This almost sounds too good to be true. This business model can’t possibly be sustainable.


I also don’t know how the business model is sustainable, but the fact that I still won’t buy it is a sad reality of my interest in movie theaters these days. Especially considering the only time I will see a movie in the theater is when the hype is so fricken high it gets sold out well before viewing date, which would not work with this plan.


I may buy it and let you know how it works.


These are always fun


My submission comments are in the Chargers article. It is now my favorite Chargers memory. FUCK LA.


How not to do email marketing:

This is an email about nothing.

  • No Instagram image to like
  • Not another lifehack you need
  • No products or books you have to buy
  • No “5 proven tactics” that will end in disappointment
  • No shitty 3,000+ word article
  • No pitch to buy an info product or course
  • No telling you what’s wrong with your life
  • No cheesy quotes about #grinding​​​​​​​

You don’t need more.

Don’t even reply to this email!

All I want you to do…

Have a great day =)

I like you,

AppSumo.com - 1305 e 6th street Austin, TX 78702

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Kinda creepy, no?


At least get the grammar correct, FFS.


8/18 – 6a-2p shift, yardwork and errands
8/19 – 10a-7p shift, housewarming party until midnight
8/20 – 6a-2p shift, packing and more errands
8/21 – 6a-2p shift dealing with Solar Eclipse traffic, driving to Chicago 5p-1a
8/22 – CSR seminar from 9a-5p
8/23 – CSR seminar from 9a-5p
8/24 – 5:30a flight back to Lincoln, 11a-7p shift

Kill me now.


Ah yes, welcome to adulthood?


Can I get a refund?


How are we supposed to party with a schedule like that?


I don’t even know if I’d have time to leave the hotel, which kind of sucks since I’ve never been to Chicago before.

You from Chicago? Either I didn’t know or I forgot, probably the latter.


I’ll be in Lincoln, for the Eclipse.



Ah yes, forgetful was correct.


You can thank Bimble for that one.


Oh when I say traffic, I mean aircraft. We’re gonna have about 3 dozen aircraft on our ramp, ~10 of which are medium/heavy jets. Plus we’re fueling an Airbus on the commercial side in the middle of the eclipse, so that’s gonna take about 45 min to dump 3000 gallons into, occupying our larger jet fuel truck while the small one zips around to get all the smaller jets on our side of the runway.

I’m hoping everyone doesn’t want fuel all at once, but I doubt that’s gonna happen.

It’s gonna be a busy, busy day.


Alright, who can 1up me?

Photo evidence or it never happened.