"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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Aren’t you supposed to have the kids do that work for you ?


Nature is fucking brutal.



Nah. Talent show today at school so they are all up there. I hate to jinx it but my group of 4 have been god damn fantastic the last month or so. We had 5 but one of them left for another school. It’s amazing how removing just one from the mix has had such a positive outcome.


Student just told me he has 30/30 smelling.

Couple that with his 20/20 vision and he’s half way there to being fully upgraded.


That’s his way of telling you that he knows you were the one crop dusting all year.


This is my current favorite internet thing:


Heard about this on As It Happens last night. Hilarious!


What in the hell… that Babadook is thicc.


It’s almost that time of year…





What sounds gross to me:

  • Deep Fried Avocado
  • Cranberry Wild Rice Meatballs
  • Memphis Totchos

What I’d really want to try:

  • Chocolate Popover with Peanut Butter Spread
  • Duck Bacon Wontons
  • Pizzarito

The rest are things I don’t care about or could basically get here.


Fried avocado is pretty damn good. Taco place here has vegetarian tacos with fried avocado as the “meat”.


I’ll be trying the

  • Deep Fried Avacado
  • Duck Bacon Wontons
  • Pizzarito

The Breakfast Buddy Bowl sounds good too, but I’m sure it’s just like a skillet you could get anywhere.


Y’all are making me hungry…

I wish our location had the DOD contracts instead of our neighbor, so I’d get to see the C-130 and Apaches on our ramp up close instead of having to look at them from a distance.



Gonna need reviews, please.


Fo sho




I bought a dry fryer for my place. Anyone have one or mess around with one?


My in-laws have one. I think they’ve had mixed results with it.