"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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Dammit! So close!


Well done. Are you liking it?


Even though the shooting isn’t as solid as something like Battlefield or Halo, I’m enjoying it. It’s a lot of fun with a buddy or two; solo can get way too nerve-racking at times.

I’m interested to see how they patch and improve the game going forward, since this is an early access title.


Found a gem of a game over the weekend thanks to a friend.

Warhammer: Veminite.

It’s basically L4D2.5 but in a LotR type realm. Was on sale for $12 on the PS store so me and a few friends picked it up. So awesome.

When I say it’s basically L4D2.5 I mean that Valve could probably sue for copyright infringement.


I’m at a point in my life where I’m excited to go buy some new appliances this weekend.


Got a great deal on a dishwasher which made it a double exciting weekend. Got an $800 dishwasher for $600 and they knocked $25 off the install and haul away of the old one. Woohoo. Mom and Pop stores FTW.

Today kicks off the last week of State Testing at school. 3 straight days of high tensions for a group for a group of kids who get no modifications despite having multiple learning disabilities. Oh fun.


What’s the count down? How many days left until summer break?


17 days. The last 5 days are the worst. All end of the year shit for the kids. Believe it or not my kids are much better when there is some sort of structure or guidance.

This is stuff like field day, going to the talent show, movies and PJ’s, kick ball game against us teachers, and the big end of year party. Our 6th grade class rents out a bowling place for 4hrs and they provide burgers, pizza, fries, and drinks.

Sounds fun but it’s when my kiddos are the worst. At least they have been in the past.


Just a reminder that today is Mother’s Day.


So yeah, I started watching the video but didn’t get to the chorus before I thought “hey, my mom likes Justin Timberlake, let’s put a smile on her face and send this to her on Mother’s Day”. Copy/paste/send…finally watched the video in horror realizing what I just sent her. Thanks, Jeff. :fearful:


Rookie. All @Threctory links should be thoroughly screened before sending to your mother.


I mean, do you not remember Dick in a Box?


I thought maybe the detention center changed them. But yes, I know it was my fault for being too naive to realize what I was sending. I take full responsibility.


A 6th grader on our campus took a shit in a urinal.

That is all.


“6th grader”


Good to see you on, Lassie!

edit: That’s supposed to be a gif. I don’t know what I’m doin.


Here you go.


Ughhh. End of the year stuff at school is the worst. Have to clean everything, take staples out of the walls, take books to the recycle bin, and on top of that my room is being moved so I get to move a shit ton of furniture.

On the bright side I will be off for 8 week before my next training course.

Plus I’ve got a case of the Monster Turds today. 4 times in and each one looks like one of those Jumbo Pickles you would see at 7-11. The upside to this is that my abs look flawless from all the pushing. LOL.