"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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Are you spying on me?


That is creepy, @MrBimble.



I am now in the early stages of getting my Gen Ed certification so I can teach multiple subjects grade K-7. When I say early I mean I requested transcripts. LOL.

Looking to be done by the end of next school year.


Does that get you out of ISS duty?


It would if I went the Gen Ed route in the school. We are a normal campus but one of 3 in the district that house our unit. I could take over as the head instructor in here. The lady I’m partnered with might be leaving the program at the end of next year. It’s a chill gig. I would have about 6 students under me and about 4 of them would be out in gen ed most of the day. Plus, because it’s under Sped I would get an additional 10% pay increase.

My pay over all would almost triple.

Either way I’m good to go. Should be starting classes at the end of this school year.

One great thing about it is I will be able to bypass the semester of student teaching since I’ve been an “educator” in the district for 3 years. It also cuts out the need for a week of observation by the review board.


I had no idea that Wendy’s had spicy chicken nuggets or that you can get any of the chicken sandwiches with a spicy chicken breast. This is a game changer.


You do know they’re pulling the spicy chicken nuggets, right?


I hope that’s fake news.

I picked up FIFA 17 over the weekend. That game deserves all the praise. So much fun.



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Jesus Christ white people.


You know you’re jealous.


This is when I’d dig up that one Ghost Recon picture if I still had it.


Kind of wish I would have read this when I had the chance. Any idea why they would pull a review? Gerstmanngate?


Behold, the wonders of the internet!


Ahh, forgot about web archive. So yeah, just a disagreeable review I guess, no good drama. Oh well, what’s new.


I think they may have pulled it because the reviewer played and reviewed it as a single player game, when the game itself largely focuses on multiplayer? Not entirely sure.


Yep, and of course, a female reviewer, so only a matter of time before the friggen gamergate crap comes up. So sick of that BS.


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