"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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I have an Anova unit and love it. I’ve never had such juicy and tender chicken. It’s amazing.


I’ve been tempted to get a sous vide, but my favorite parts of meet are generally the crispy edges that are slightly burnt. I have heard that certain meets, like steak, generally come out all gray and mushy, but you can then sear them afterwards if you want to get that texture. Can any of you speak to that?


Yep, I’ve seared steaks in a pan after the water bath. You could torch them too.


My plan for tonight after my test run is to sear the rib eye steaks in a super hot pan with some butter for a minute. Should do the trick. Tempted to pick up a chef’s torch.


Haha, steak. We got some rich mf-ers around here.





I love this thing already. I’m a terrible cook but this made it seem like I was an expert. Can’t wait to try more.


That looks very tasty. After doing research, I think what I really would benefit more from is a pressure cooker.

##Wait, I thought ChefSteps was all about sous vide. If pressure cookers are so great, why do you do so much low-and-slow cooking?
As you mention, we are seriously smitten with sous vide cooking. Sous vide gently heats food just enough to cook it, resulting in consistent, remarkably juicy food. We use sous vide to prepare delicate fish and vegetables, or to create steaks good enough to form a cult around. And with sous vide, you can cook meat that’s medium-rare and tender, whereas in a PC, meat can only be well-done and tender. But sometimes, it’s about getting the job done. The beauty of a PC is that it can quickly transform food—caramelizing fruit, tenderizing tough meats and hard vegetables—in a fraction of the time that’s typically required. Sometimes you want to wait a while for exquisite meats and veggies. Other times, it’s Tuesday and the kids’ soccer game ran over and you need to feed them something nourishing, stat. That’s the pressure cooker sweet spot.

I’m much more interested in meats done quick than getting the perfect temp. The wife likes everything well done anyways, so maybe I’ll have to look in to getting an Instant Pot or something.


[quote=“Rewfus, post:1542, topic:460, full:true”]
The wife likes everything well done anyways[/quote]

That sounds like grounds for divorce.


My oldest and his cousin decided to play ‘catch’ in the living room with a plastic toy pig. I now have a nice spider web crack in the corner of my plasma TV.






It’s been cold and icy the past couple of weeks.




Great, so what is a 30 year old manchild supposed to do with three 30x20 kpop girl group posters? Not my fault I’m cheap and finally waited for albums to go on sale only to find out the sales included a poster for each one…


Hang them on the ceiling over your bed as any respectable manchild would?