"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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Do you have a Zaxby’s Chicken?

Suck about Cane’s. All they do is Chicken Fingers. 3 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece, or a sandwich. Each comes with toast, fries, and secret sauce which is soooooooooo goooooood.




We have a few Canes around town. They started showing up in the last year or so. Pretty tasty. Maybe they’re making their way towards WI.

Culvers? Ish. The only thing I get from there is the frozen custard. The one and only butter burger I’ve ever had was see through.


Canes and Culvers are both great. Love that Canes sauce. @MrBimble clearly went to/on a bad night, because the butter burger is the shit. Their fries leave something to be desired though.



I need to start a Kickstarter to get that. Or GoFundMe. Or Patreon. Or all 3.


So I told my wife to get that, based off your recommendation and the reading I did online on how it’s considered one of the best sets ever made, but I’m starting to doubt my decision. I wish I was more interested in NASA, but it really does nothing for me. I’m thinking I might need to find a property I like first (like you guys have Star Wars) and then maybe find a LEGO set I like around that?


I’m through bag 1 of 12 on the Apollo Saturn. Really digging it so far, but wondering if there is any reason to keep the bags around? Is it feasible to disassemble and reassemble this thing, and if so, would it just be better with some resealable bags?


I use gallon ziploc bags for disassembly and don’t really worry about keeping everything separated like they are when you first open the box.


Isn’t it hard to find the pieces you are looking for when they are all thrown together, or are there generally enough repeats where it isn’t an issue?


That’s part of the fun! I’ll have to snap some pictures of my bin for you.

I did have plans to organize some of the smaller pieces, but never got around to it.


I want to see these bins! I just picked up another 1500 random pieces to play with and I need some clues on how I should organize them.