"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread

"I'm Lazy, Someone Else Make One": The SPAM Sushi Thread
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We’ve got these guys at work until Sunday.

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Do you get to go inside?

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Yeah, but there were too many people around to take any decent photos of the interiors. My photos were taken after the exhibit was closed to the public.

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Netflix is really testing the limits to which I’ll continue subscribing to their service.

Shows I watched:
Jessica Jones
Luke Cage
Iron Fist
The OA
Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt
American Vandal

Shows I Still Watch:
Stranger Things
Dark (edit)
Black Mirror (when nothing else is available)
Uh… is that it?

And they keep raising their rates despite canceling all the shows I watch. I have a feeling this will become a service that I cancel and then wait for some series to build up, subscribe for a month or two, binge and then cancel again.

I went on a journey of sorts over the last 10 days. I dove headfirst into the chicken sandwich wars and here are the results.

I tried a combo of each of the following with unsweet tea to drink(quit soda back in May)

Wendy’s Spicy and Homestyle Sandwich
Chick Fil A Spicy and Original Sandwich
Popeye’s Classic and Spicy Sandwich

Non Spicy Results Sandwich Only

  1. Popeye’s
  2. CFA
  3. Wendy’s

Popeye’s has done the impossible. A breast filet sandwich that was crunchy as all get out yet very moist and tender inside. So damn good.

Spicy Results

  1. Chick Fil A
  2. Wendy’s

This was a close race for the top spot between CFA and Wendy’s. But in the end CFA was proved to juicier. Popeye’s wasn’t bad at all though.

As for the overall combo experience I’m going with this order.

  1. CFA
  2. Popeye’s
    3 Wendy’s

Here it all came down to the sides and in the end nothing can beat CFA fries with Polynesian Sauce(Don’t knock it till you try it). Popeye’s fries are good too and have some good flavor to them and they have other sides to choose from like mashed taters while Wendy’s fries are just a salt delivery vehicle. Gross.


Cool. Cool. But where does KFC’s Cheetos™ Chicken Sandwich land?

EDIT: And also, I’m now craving the Wendy’s Spicy Chicken sandwich. Thanks.

I have yet to to try the KFC Cheetos sandwich as I’m not a big fan of cheese in general. But speaking of KFC sandwiches, I love the little mini sandwiches they have as well as their regular offerings but in the end I don’t think they would reach a top 5 status. I’d put the Grilled Whatachicken and Canes Sandwich before it. Hell, thinking about it now I might put Canes before the Wendy’s Homestyle but I don’t think it qualifies for taste test as I don’t think they are a national brand yet.

Also, don’t sleep on the Spicy Chicken Sandwich from Jack In The Box

We don’t have Jack in the Box here. Or Whataburger. Or Canes. We do have Culvers though. Now I want Culvers.

Had Culvers for the first time over the weekend. Pretty damn tasty.

Do you have a Zaxby’s Chicken?

Suck about Cane’s. All they do is Chicken Fingers. 3 piece, 4 piece, 6 piece, or a sandwich. Each comes with toast, fries, and secret sauce which is soooooooooo goooooood.


We have a few Canes around town. They started showing up in the last year or so. Pretty tasty. Maybe they’re making their way towards WI.

Culvers? Ish. The only thing I get from there is the frozen custard. The one and only butter burger I’ve ever had was see through.

Canes and Culvers are both great. Love that Canes sauce. @MrBimble clearly went to/on a bad night, because the butter burger is the shit. Their fries leave something to be desired though.

Why user review scores are worthless

Finally, no more Christmas music…

Straight up Rodney Mullen

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