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Hot Dogs, Horseshoes and Hand Grenades: Polygon vs Normal Gamer


So, which one was Polygon?


Sorry, the one that’s seemingly afraid of VR guns.

I thought it’d be self-explanatory. Mah bad.


I guess my sarcasm was once again lost in text form.




Lame. His virtual hand doesn’t mimic his real hand. What’s the camera for the Vive even good for if it doesn’t produce accurate middle fingers in real time?


From the Job Simulator guys, if you can’t tell.


Going wireless



One of the funniest things I’ve seen in awhile.


Not sure if this video will embed correctly, but let’s try…


I see Ubisoft is getting into the VR game now.


Not sure if instagram videos worked before, they do now, but before anyone gets too excited, it appears that twitter vids still don’t embed :angry:





I was excited when I heard 3k, but then I read this…

Bumping up to 3K won’t completely solve the issue, though; experts have said VR will need as high as 16K to reach the retinal resolution.

We’ve got a ways to go.