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HTC Vive
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HTC tells us that the company will reveal the pricing, shipping date, and final consumer design “close to” the preorder date.


Too much to pull and quote from that article, so just check it out. Especially the Hover Junker section.



I skimmed through that article but this drew my attention:


I want to make games now. I take that back, I don’t, but I want to make games in a pretend world where it pays well and has favorable working conditions.


The price for the HTC Vive, the virtual reality headset collaboration between HTC and Valve, leaked this morning in advance of its expected announcement at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. The device will be $799.

The HTC Vive ships with two controllers, one for each hand, and two base stations to track the user’s movement in the room. The package will be bundled with two games, Job Simulator and Fantastic Contraption.

Preorders for the HTC Vive begin on Feb. 29, with the first shipments arriving in April.


I guess VR is expensive :smile:

Once the Oculus controllers are released, I’d guess the two will be priced very similarly for the ‘full package’.



Good, but a little long-winded. Just saying “so you can practice for the second job you’ll need to pay for it” would have been more on point, but I can understand the desire to use up all 140 of dem characters.


The majority of Twitter users need as much info as possible shoved into 140 characters otherwise they don’t understand jokes.


I can relate, 140 characters can do wonders and is the perfect amount for getting across an idea, or maybe even an opinion, in a clear and concise manner…

Just saying…




Only Windows compatible :frowning:



Note the 3 on the phone in the video



Before I took the first step, I heard the wind whipping around my legs and swore I felt just a bit colder. Suddenly, for only a moment, I felt my legs weaken. With a deep breath of determination, I inched forward across the ridge, heel to toe, and struggled to stay rooted in reality. At one point I even held my arms out for balance, despite actually walking on the perfectly stable carpeted 3rd floor of the Moscone Center.

“This icy ridge isn’t here. This isn’t Class 5 exposure. It’s just carpet! This sheer cliff 4 inches from my shoes is imaginary. I’m not alone at 25,000 feet. 12 feet away a bunch of GDC attendees are watching me. Right?”

The combination of realistic audio, insanely photo-realistic graphics courtesy of Unreal Engine 4 and some of Nvidia’s VR Works wizardry, the tactility of the HTC Vive’s touch controllers and its accurate room presence, had convinced it of this alternate reality. A reality where I was legitimately terrified.


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The hell? That’s not even that scary. The things just slowly walk towards you while you shoot them.