Horizon Zero Dawn

Horizon Zero Dawn
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Smurf done beat me to it.


You gotta throw him a gif bone every once in a while.


Yup, I’ll be all up in this next week.




I’m disappointed that EZA was a bit harsh in their review (4 out of 5), but Kinda Funny claims it’s PS4’s best exclusive, even beating Uncharted 4. So… dang. I. Cannot. Wait. I’m so hyped now.


4 out of 5 is harsh?


I was expecting 4.5 from them or higher. The way they talked about the preview, I was expecting them to be in the “near perfect” grouping. 4 is still great, but it’s an 80% or 8 out of 10 and I was expecting them to be in the 90s. So… harsh for them.


Review scores need to die. That being said, keep the well formatted review breakdowns coming!


Enough review scores… how does it look and run?

The ability to choose between resolution and higher performance may well be the icing on the cake, on what is already a technologically outstanding title. However, even without the new mode, the combination of brilliant art design, great performance and a sublime 4K presentation make this the most impressive PlayStation 4 Pro title we’ve seen so far. But at the same time, it’s clear that base hardware hasn’t been left behind - Horizon is an equally impressive achievement for the standard PS4 too.


Thanks to Best Buy shipping, I’ve got Horizon: Zero Dawn sitting on my work desk right now. Staring at me. Taunting me while I work. Oh… now it’s laughing. Yeah. Laugh it up, game. I’ll be tearing you open tonight.


WHAAAAAAA? Could you play it right now if you popped it in, or is there some server side switch they have to hit first?


Work? Pfft. Your job right now is to stream that game for the rest of us.


I could. If I were home. :frowning:

Oh, but I’d have to wait til it installed and updated with the Day 1 patch. But I heard it’s quite small.


As Bimble points out, you have a duty to the rest of us to indulge us with some sweet, sweet robot tentacle wildlife, right now. Not tonight, not on release date, but right now.



Video. Of Horizon. As requested.



Oh c’mon, you know we are all about embedding here. You can go the extra mile. It’s not like you are doing anything better with your time, like playing Horizon: Zero Dawn…


I assume this is just a video of you showing us the case?



I took Wednesday off. Buy it tomorrow while I’m at work, from a store like a plebe, then play as much as I can on Wednesday. Oh yeah! Hype train coming into station!