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I would preorder this today if Amazon had the limited edition up. The collector’s edition is out there but I don’t want/need overpriced statues.


Who are you? What have you done with Chris?





When it comes to this world, we’ve apparently not seen anything yet, either. Guerrilla has revealed that there will be ancient cities to explore and vast old remains of previous civilisations, complete with long dead human inhabitants. We’ve only encountered small settlements so far, but in her quest to find the answers of her heritage, Aloy will explore enormous areas that once belonged to her original non-robot hunting ancestors. The studio is remaining tight lipped on details but says some of these will be tied into the narrative, others will just be uncovered through exploration.

Adding further depth to its open world, Horizon doesn’t just have a main narrative to explore. Side quests of all sorts fill that enormous map just screaming ‘waste hours in me.’ And Guerrilla knows it. “You might notice some of the blue diamonds [marking missions]. Each one of those is a side quest," explains the lead quest designer. “You can talk to people and figure out what their problem is, give them some help if they need it. We have a hierarchy of quests.”

"We have the main story and then below that we have Tribe quests which are kind of national level. So think of each of these tribes having big picture problems that affect everyone. Then below that there are the more personal stories. Those are some of the things that we’ll see in a place like Mother’s Crown where someone has something that’s very important to them - it’s very urgent but it doesn’t affect the entire world.”


Aloy’s pretty handy when it comes to a scrap, but she’s certainly not invincible. Robot attacks, even from the more docile variants, cause a lot of damage, so the player must keep Aloy moving in combat situations. One great way to do this is to convert a machine to serve as a mount. I do this with a Broadhead, rather like a bull, as seen in the E3 2016 gameplay trailer, but you can also switch the more aggressive Watchers to your side, and they’ll fight beside you. Riding the Broadhead around a luscious, verdant environment really had me thinking back to The Witcher 3, and all the wonderful depth that game offered last year.


Aloy jumps and rolls around the landscape with an agility and fluidity that is significantly different from the clunky combat of something like The Witcher 3. There’s a minor stealth element too, where you can duck down and hide in long grass, or creep up on robots from behind for an instant kill. As such, the female lead and use of a bow also brings to mind the modern Tomb Raider games.


I’m getting pretty excited for this one.


What’s even more surprising than the depth of this game is that Game Informer uses ASP for their website. Archaic.


Putting this here since it’s not here:


Wow, that is a gorgeous looking game.


What an incredibly lame use of those majestic sauropods.



So, Sony is so confident about this game, they invited a bunch of video game journalists and podcasters to try the game out for a few hours (I think 4), record footage (edited down to 20 minutes total, no more than 5 minute segments) and put it out there for everyone to get hyped. It worked. I’m now hyped and the game is preordered.

Here’s Kinda Funny:

In the video he mentions he’s playing next to Brandon Jones from EZA, so I can’t wait for their video.

I haven’t watched any of these, but I’m sure Polygon’s is hysterically bad. EDIT: I scanned their article for a summary paragraph and the first few are written very poorly. I was correct.


[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLzP-4_Tqlk”] PlayStation Access: Horizon Zero Dawn - 7 Things You Must Do[/URL]

[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuoMIhuQzts&feature=youtu.be”]Kinda Funny: Let’s Play[/URL]

[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d7YpP19O9QI”]PlayStation Access: PS4 Pro footage[/URL]

[URL=“https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/01/four-hours-of-horizon-zero-dawn-made-me-crazy-with-anticipation-for-more/”]Ars Technica[/URL]

Thankfully, Sony and Guerrilla let us dive in to the apparently lengthy game from the start last week, with a four-hour long, go-to-town play session with the “near-final” version of the game. After this extended slice of the game, I can’t wait to play it again.



[URL=“http://www.gamereactor.eu/previews/501553/Horizon+Zero+Dawn/”]Gamereactor UK[/URL]


I spent about 5 hours playing Horizon: Zero Dawn in an extended preview of the game’s early stages and I’m thrilled to say that so far, the hype looks justified.


Horizon Zero Dawn, which comes to PlayStation 4 on Feb. 28, looks to be a game where players will be able to lose themselves for dozens of hours: foraging for scrap and upgrading their gear, hunting down dozens of types of machines, and embarking on no shortage of quests and errands. While much of Horizon will appear familiar, if not downright rote, from a gameplay perspective, its beauty and its mysteries will help it stand out among its open-world ancestors.

[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-SF4IrZoJNQ”]Quest Playthrough with Devs[/URL]


Based on what I saw at the preview, I’m committing to more time with Aloy and her world. Horizon paints its concepts in broad strokes, but I think the end result is still an image that’s striking to behold.

[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iaqs8GY1_vQ”]Arekkz Gaming[/URL]



Forgot to say this when I linked the video, but I really like Brandon’s level of pragmatism. Too often do game reviewers wax poetic about games they’re given previews of so as not to hurt the developer or publisher’s feelings; a problem that’s been growing on YouTube lately.

I enjoy hearing that Brandon has legitimate concerns about something he’s interested in, however big or small they may be.


Agreed. I like the way most of the Easy Allies handle their discussions on games—not overtly complimentary, but also not drowning in negativity. They will plainly state the cons of any game, but it doesn’t overtake the entire discussion like a Jim Sterling or an Angry Joe.



I’ve been tentatively excited about this, but now I’m really excited. This is right up my alley.


I think I’m going to go media blackout on this one, since the chance of this disappointing me seems very low. Only thing that could disappoint is hearing how much better it might be on a pro, but from the sounds of it pro owners need SOMETHING to brag about, so I’m willing to throw them a bone.



Looks like I know what I’m throwing my money at it in a week or two.


[QUOTE=LuuKyK;230645239 from NeoGAF]

[URL=“http://www.metacritic.com/game/playstation-4/horizon-zero-dawn”]METACRITIC[/URL] | [URL=“http://opencritic.com/game/2862/horizon-zero-dawn”]OPENCRITIC[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.giantbomb.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review/1900-759/?clickid=TyATHbQms0skUJyXSrVmqzLgUkhz2KTPZVeaTQ0&ttag=27795&vndid=27795&sharedid=&ftag=ACQ-09-10aag0a&irgwc=1”]GiantBomb | 5/5[/URL]

Horizon: Zero Dawn is familiar but also really refreshing. It’s not a short game (I spent around 30 hours with it), but the storytelling still feels concise and efficient. The combat has some nice options that make encounters fun, even when you’re just stacking up stealth kills from the relative safety of a bush. And the presentation end of the game holds up its end of things with a solid soundtrack, great voice acting, and a cohesive design that makes all its disparate parts fit together. All in all, it’s a great game, it’s Guerrilla’s strongest release to date.

[URL=“http://cogconnected.com/review/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]Cogconnected | 10/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is a sweeping epic, magically dancing across the lines between sci-fi and fantasy, masterfully intertwining two genres that traditionally have held their own space in gaming. It is Guerrilla Games’ crowning achievement in video game development. Words cannot do justice for what you need to see for yourself.

[URL=“http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/gadgets-and-tech/gaming/horizon-zero-dawn-review-ps4-a7589131.html”]Independent UK | 10/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://bgr.com/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]BGR | 5/5[/URL]

[URL=“http://gamingbolt.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Gaming Bolt | 10/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.playstationlifestyle.net/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review-post-apocalypse-phenomenon-ps4/#/slide/1”]Playstation Lifestyle | 10/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is an early contender for game of the year. Guerrilla Games has outdone themselves, in astounding fashion. This is a glorious game, the result of a team of masterful artisans who not only had a story that they wished to tell, but a world that was living inside of them which they wanted to share with us all. Now, we get to play inside their creation, and it is a breathtaking experience to behold. A massive, open world filled with equally massive, terrifying robots, juxtaposed against the beauty of the Earth, nature fighting back the darkness as it tends to do. Horizon Zero Dawn is the kind of game you play to get lost in, and can be enjoyed by players of all types. This could be the beginning of a stellar franchise, and there is something for everyone here. If you own a PS4, you owe it to yourself to give Horizon Zero Dawn a go.

[URL=“http://twinfinite.net/2017/02/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]Twinfinite | 5/5[/URL]

Its magical world is a wonder to explore, it controls and looks exceptional, and the unique, modular build of its enemies ensures that combat never gets old. Yes, items could have been more accessible, and I was left with more questions than answers by the end, but these were mere speed bumps in the bigger picture. Horizon Zero Dawn is the PS4’s first major exclusive of 2017, and it couldn’t have gotten much better.

[URL=“http://www.telegraph.co.uk/gaming/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review-gorgeous-gripping-apocalyptic-adventure/”]Telegraph UK | 5/5[/URL]

On the surface, Horizon seems like a jumble of influences but, just like the murderous machina wandering its lands, the game is far more than its component parts, delivering a gripping story, satisfying combat, and the most gorgeous video game environments I’ve ever seen. Horizon confidently carves out an identity of its own in an overpopulated genre.

[URL=“http://www.cheatcc.com/ps4/rev/horizonzerodawnreview.html”]CheatCodeCentral | 4.9/5[/URL]

Heading out into the world of Horizon Zero Dawn to take down these massive machines is an exhilarating feeling, which combines well with a story that gradually unfurls and engages its audience.

[URL=“http://www.game-over.com/content/2017/02/horizon-zero-dawn/#sthash.DU6tDqnI.dpbs”]GameOver Online | 9.8/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ best effort, one of the PS4’s greatest games, and the best game ever crafted from the ground up for the platform. It combines a gripping narrative with intense action that blends both fast-paced combat with slower-paced, tense stealth sections perfectly. Everything about their vision for this game clicks into place and is accentuated by a stellar presentation. The game features top-shelf graphical work, a unique and enjoyable soundtrack, alongside a fantastic cast to make an unforgettable experience.

[URL=“http://www.xgn.nl/review/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]XGN | 9.7/10[/URL]

Guerilla Games has set the bar while it ventures into a new genre. The game looks phenomenal, and it offers variety, tens of hours of fun and an accessible system. It challenges you in every fight to play intelligently. This may be the best game of 2017.

[URL=“https://www.ausgamers.com/reviews/read.php/3568885”]Aus Gamer | 9.6/10[/URL]

While the main storyline was lacking, there’s a reason good world-building is critical to good fantasy, and like I said, this game nails it. I loved about the game was the way it used Aloy’s Focus to force you to examine things. Each new area becomes a crime scene as Aloy examines and analyses what’s been left behind. It’s a clever way to blend the idea of technology into this otherwise primitive world.

[URL=“http://www.psx-sense.nl/266170/review-horizon-zero-dawn/”]PSX-Sense.nl | 9.5/10[/URL]

A great story, outstanding visuals and very enjoyable gameplay. Brilliant in every single way. Guerrilla once more cements its reputation as one of PlayStation’s very best developers.

[URL=“http://gamer.nl/artikelen/review/horizon-zero-dawn-2/”]Gamer.nl | 9.5/10[/URL]

It’s not often that a game of this caliber lives up to all expectations. Horizon Zero Dawn starts slowly, but transforms in a huge action adventure. We haven’t been obsessed with a virtual world to this degree since The Witcher 3. Horizon impresses in every facet imaginable.

[URL=“http://www.insidegamer.nl/recensies/126658/horizon-zero-dawn-review-de-game-om-een-ps4-voor-te-kopen”]InsideGamer.nl | 9.5/10[/URL]

This game is so much more than a survival trip through the wild, ​with a ​ the brilliantly realized ecosystem with numerous 'robot animals’​. ​This game implements influences from all sorts of games and movies from the past years ​​ perfectly to form a new classic.

[URL=“http://arcadesushi.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review-playstation-4/”]Arcade Sushi | 9.5/10[/URL]

[URL=“https://tweakers.net/reviews/5241/horizon-zero-dawn-prachtige-game-van-nederlandse-makelij.html”]Tweakers.net | 9.5/10[/URL]

[URL=“https://jogos.zwame.pt/review/horizon-zero-dawn/”]Zwame | 9.5/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.godisageek.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]God is a Geek | 9.5/10[/URL]

It’s been a long time since a game has been put together this well. The combat is awesome, the visuals are stunning, and Aloy is 100% badass.

[URL=“http://www.polygon.com/2017/2/20/14576092/horizon-zero-dawn-review-ps4-playstation-4-sony-guerrilla-games”]Polygon | 9.5/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn thrums with the energy of a creative team finally allowed to explore something new. It builds on elements of open-world and loot-and-craft gameplay that we’ve seen before, but it does so within a context, a setting and a style that feel fresh. Horizon Zero Dawn discovers a stronger sense of its own personality in one game than Killzone ever managed across half a dozen. Guerrilla Games has long been developing some of the most buzzed-about games in the industry; with Horizon, it feels like it has finally found its own voice, one worthy of all that buzz.

[URL=“http://www.psu.com/review/32235/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Playstation Universe | 9.5/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn reinvigorates open-world RPGs with an excellent story, creative science fiction, and demanding gameplay. Aloy’s debut is one of PS4’s greatest games.

[URL=“http://www.hobbyconsolas.com/reviews/analisis-horizon-zero-dawn-juego-guerrilla-ps4-89852”]Hobby Consolas | 9.5/10[/URL]

Horizon: Zero Dawn is Guerrilla’s biggest game to date, and not just from a technical standpoint. It’s also one hell of an action RPG, thanks to a complex and satisfying combat system. The story and universe are also huge; Aloy’s future is already shining on the horizon. A star is born.

[URL=“http://www.thejimquisition.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]Jimquisition | 9.5/10[/URL]

Horizon: Zero Dawn is just brilliant. I speak as a critic who has played more “open sandbox” games than any one human should and has grown so very weary of them. I should have gotten sick of this thing in an hour, but I’ve been glued to it for days and days and I don’t want it to end. I love existing in this world - a world of desperate survival but of growing culture and a sense of hope. A world of giant metal animals that promise some breathtaking fights.

[URL=“http://www.ign.com/games/horizon-zero-dawn/ps4-83790”]IGN | 9.3/10, Editor’s Choice[/URL]

Across a vast and beautiful open world, Horizon: Zero Dawn juggles many moving parts with polish and finesse. Its main activity - combat - is extremely satisfying thanks to the varied design and behaviors of machine-creatures that roam its lands, each of which needs to be taken down with careful consideration. Though side questing could have been more imaginative, its missions are compelling thanks to a central mystery that led me down a deep rabbit hole to a genuinely surprising - and moving - conclusion.

[URL=“https://areajugones.sport.es/horizon-zero-dawn/analisis/”]AreaJugones | 9.3/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is as good as everybody expected. A powerful narrative and solid gameplay make this Guerrilla game one of the best titles that 2017 has to offer.

[URL=“http://www.everyeye.it/articoli/recensione-horizon-zero-dawn-32477.html”]Everyeye.it | 9.2/10[/URL]

Guerrilla Games did it. Horizon: Zero Dawn is one of the best Open-World games of this generation. It’s a wonderful action-RPG set in a vast and unforgettable universe, with a solid (but conventional) plot and - most of all - challenging gameplay.

[URL=“http://www.meristation.com/playstation-4/horizon-zero-dawn/analisis-juego/2067387”]Meristation | 9.2/10[/URL]

Horizon: Zero Dawn is probably the best Guerrilla game ever and one of the most solid open world experiences that we’ve seen recently. A true must-have for Playstation 4 owners.

[URL=“http://es.ign.com/m/horizon-zero-dawn-ps4/114946/review/horizon-zero-dawn-analisis-para-ps4”]IGN Spain | 9.2/10[/URL]

There’s so much to love in Horizon: Zero Dawn. You may love its gameplay, its magnificent world, its crisp visuals or the excellent sound design. An experience that’s worth taking.

[URL=“http://www.gameblog.fr/tests/2690-horizon-zero-dawn-ps4”]Gameblog.fr | 9/10[/URL]

Few new licenses have been successful in setting the bar so high. Thanks to its varied, dazzling landscapes, its controlled rhythm, and sharp gameplay, Aloy’s quest redefines what immersion in an open world means, if it does not revolutionize the genre.

[URL=“http://www.gamepro.de/playstation/spiele/ps4/horizon-zero-dawn/wertung/52456.html”]GamePro | 9/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.forbes.com/sites/games/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review-ps4-rage-against-the-machine/#15b86bd97b51”]Forbes | 9/10[/URL]

No, Horizon probably isn’t as monumental of an experience as playing Uncharted or God of War for the first time, but it’s well-made, engaging and probably worth your time.

[URL=“http://www.gamespot.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review/1900-6416620/”]Gamespot | 9/10[/URL]

Guerilla Games has delivered one of the best open-world games of this generation.

[URL=“http://www.rpgsite.net/review/5325-horizon-zero-dawn-review”]RPG Site | 9/10[/URL]

I took approximately thirty-five hours to complete Horizon Zero Dawn’s main story, but the first thing I did after I finished was dive right back in. There were still exciting quests to do, gorgeous places to discover, and fascinating characters to meet. I’m still falling in love with this world and all the magnificent things it has to offer. Guerrilla Games has created something truly impressive and memorable with their first dive into the genre, and I have only endless excitement for all that’s in store for the future of this universe.

[URL=“http://www.pushsquare.com/reviews/ps4/horizon_zero_dawn”]Push Square | 9/10[/URL]

Debuts don’t get much stronger than Horizon: Zero Dawn. Guerrilla Games’ latest borrows liberally from a variety of different sources, and yet it leverages these fundamentals to forge an experience that’s daringly unique. The main quest tires a little towards the end, and the writing never hits the same highs as The Witcher 3 – but the tactical action stands leagues ahead of what we’ve come to expect from the genre, and the presentation is quite simply unmatched.

[URL=“http://www.gamereactor.eu/reviews/507533/Horizon+Zero+Dawn/?page=2”]Gamereactor UK | 9/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.gamereactor.es/analisis/376383/Horizon+Zero+Dawn/”]Gamereactor Spain | 9/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.jeuxactu.com/test-horizon-zero-dawn-sur-ps4-only-108117.htm”]JeuxActu | 9/10[/URL]

[URL=“https://www.gamer.no/artikler/anmeldelse-horizon-zero-dawn/376864”]Gamer.no | 9/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn takes the best traits of the open-world genre and melts them together into Guerrilla’s own, polished and refreshing vision. The voice acting, nuanced character roster and many fun ways to approach combat makes this a game I’d gladly see become Sony’s next big flagship franchise.

[URL=“http://www.thegamesmachine.it/horizon-zero-dawn/horizon-zero-dawn-recensione-ps4/”]The Games Machine | 9/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is a nice surprise because rarely is a game such as this is able to surpass expectations. It isn’t just a game with a great plot; it isn’t just a technical marvel; it isn’t just a game with great, addictive gameplay mechanics. It is all of these things and much more. It is, above all, an Aloy that shines on its own, able to rise as the new PlayStation female hero.

[URL=“http://www.laps4.com/analisis/432935-analisis_horizon_zero_dawn.html”]LaPS4 | 9/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is a nice surprise because rarely is a game such as this is able to surpass expectations. It isn’t just a game with a great plot; it isn’t just a technical marvel; it isn’t just a game with great, addictive gameplay mechanics. It is all of these things and much more. It is, above all, an Aloy that shines on its own, able to rise as the new PlayStation female hero.

[URL=“http://www.gamerevolution.com/review/horizon-zero-dawn”]Game Revolution | 9/10[/URL]

There is a certain appeal to Horizon: Zero Dawn which I have not found in any other open-world RPG game. Perhaps it is the addition of shiny robots to the mix or the story of Aloy herself. Either way, this game has my full attention and I wouldn’t call it anything less than stellar. If I had to compare it to another game, The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Shadow of Mordor would be on the top of my list. When compared to these two titles, Horizon is riddled with less bugs, more engaging combat, and successfully incorporates stealth gameplay. Try and guess what I’ll be playing for the next few weeks.

[URL=“https://gamerant.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]GameRant | 9/10[/URL]

Dark Souls, Far Cry Primal (or any open world Ubisoft game), Uncharted – these are just a few of the games players will cite when finding points of comparison for Horizon: Zero Dawn. But the Guerrilla Games developers have made sure that its game still feels unique by comparison, thanks to a vibrant world bursting with stunning detail, challenging robotic enemies, and a story that explores an uncivilized world in an inventive way. Some weak AI, awkward dialogue sections, and a prototypical open world framework are the game’s bigger faults, but they don’t weigh the game down to much or ruin the experience. When all is said and done, Horizon: Zero Dawn could easily be Sony’s next great franchise, but even as a one-off it’s very impressive.

[URL=“http://www.merlininkazani.com/Horizon_Zero_Dawn-oyun_inceleme-93043p1.html”]Merlin’in Kazani | 9/10[/URL]

Horizon: Zero Dawn starts as Aloy’s personal story and then turns into a bigger, wider experience. Thanks to its fantastic and stuffed open world, its one of the best games of 2017 already.

[URL=“http://www.gameplanet.com.au/playstation-4/reviews/g58aa81f43fc33/Horizon-Zero-Dawn-review/”]GamePlanet | 9/10[/URL]

Guerrilla Games’ punt on a new IP has paid off handsomely, as despite its silly title, Horizon Zero Dawn is a magnificent open world action-adventure that lives up to its hype.

[URL=“http://nextgengamingblog.com/blog/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Next Gen Gaming Blog | 9/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://press-start.com.au/reviews/playstation4-reviews/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]Press-Start AUS | 9/10[/URL]

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[URL=“http://www.3djuegos.com/juegos/analisis/20429/0/horizon-zero-dawn/”]3dJuegos | 9/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://m3.idg.se/2.1022/1.676277/horizonzerodawn”]M3 | 9/10[/URL]

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[URL=“http://www.hardcoregamer.com/2017/02/20/review-horizon-zero-dawn/”]Hardcore Gamer | 4.5/5[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.trustedreviews.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Trusted Reviews | 4.5/5[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.gamesradar.com/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]GamesRadar | 4.5/5[/URL]

[URL=“http://wegotthiscovered.com/gaming/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]We Got This Covered | 4.5/5[/URL]

[URL=“http://multiplayer.it/recensioni/180091-horizon-zero-dawn-redenzione-per-la-terra.html”]Multiplayer.it | 8.8/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.vandal.net/analisis/ps4/horizon-zero-dawn/26118”]Vandal | 8.8/10[/URL]

A spectacular and entertaining open world adventure that becomes one of the must-have exclusives of PS4.

[URL=“http://www.gameinformer.com/games/horizon_zero_dawn/b/playstation4/archive/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review-game-informer.aspx?utm_content=buffer7e27f&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer”]Game Informer | 8.75/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://it.ign.com/horizon-ps4/121971/review/horizon-zero-dawn-la-recensione”]IGN Italia | 8.7/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://venturebeat.com/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]VentureBeat | 8.7/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://play.co.rs/2017/02/review-horizon-zero-dawn/”]PLAY! Zine | 8.5/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.cgmagonline.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review-great-yet-familiar/”]CGMagazine | 8.5/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.newgamenetwork.com/article/1609/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]New Game Network | 8/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://metro.co.uk/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review-mechanical-animals-6459856/”]Metro | 8/10[/URL]

State-of-the-art visuals help create one of gaming’s most entertaining open worlds, even if the gameplay doesn’t quite reach the same standards.

[URL=“https://www.videogamer.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Videogamer | 8/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.thesixthaxis.com/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]The Sixth Axis | 8/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.dailydot.com/parsec/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]The Daily Dot | 8/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.darkstation.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Darkstation | 8/10[/URL]

[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rZC3tH8PKeo”]Easy Allies | 4/5[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn feels like a franchise in the making. While not packed with narrative high points, it’s still a compelling introduction to a world in turmoil that answers a lot of questions, but still gestures toward a more climactic future. Its primary element, squaring off against mechanized animals, is such a success, it makes up for the ongoing repetition of the game’s activities. When we look into Horizon’s future, we see a sequel that can take this world and make it into something remarkable.

[URL=“https://www.theguardian.com/technology/2017/feb/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review-a-stunning-but-barely-evolved-rpg-contradiction”]The Guardian | 4/5[/URL]

[URL=“https://www.destructoid.com/review-horizon-zero-dawn-416881.phtml”]Destructoid | 7.5/10[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is a fascinating premise wrapped in a tortilla of tropes.

[URL=“http://stevivor.com/reviews/horizon-zero-dawn-review/”]Stevivor | 7/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.gamekult.com/jeux/test-horizon-zero-dawn-J3050484941t.html#ps4”]Gamekult | 7/10[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.usgamer.net/articles/horizon-zero-dawn-review”]USGAMER | 2.5/5[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is disappointing. It has a story that I struggled to care about (complete with massive expository dumps—yay), a bland protagonist, and overtly repetitive and constraining missions that worked against its open world sensibilities. When Horizon Zero Dawn hit its rare strides—from its gloomy Cauldrons to traveling across its sprawling vistas—it only made me wish the rest of the game were as worthwhile.

[URL=“http://www.theverge.com/2017/2/20/14665114/horizon-zero-dawn-review-ps4”]The Verge | No Score, Recommended[/URL]

[URL=“https://arstechnica.com/gaming/2017/02/horizon-zero-dawn-is-the-best-robot-safari-adventure-game-ever-made/”]Ars Technica | No Score, Buy It[/URL]

Horizon is huge in every way that counts, and it should be celebrated for doing what too many games don’t these days: telling an enthralling, time-consuming journey that’s already complete on the disc—and one we’ll remember for years to come.

[URL=“http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2017-02-19-horizon-zero-dawn-review”]Eurogamer | No Score[/URL]

[URL=“https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7izKT_XH_R8”]Kinda Funny | No Score, Recommended[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.vg247.com/2017/02/20/horizon-zero-dawn-review-sony-and-the-witcher-3-had-a-baby-and-it-deserves-to-win-your-heart/”]VG247 | No Score, Recommended[/URL]

Horizon Zero Dawn is a meaty but player-friendly open world epic with a solid action combat heart, unique setting and ravishing scenery. It is The Witcher 3 of post-post-apocalyptic robo-dino adventures; it is the sort of thing Ubisoft will wish you had never seen if it dares to release another time-sucking, glitch-filled Assassin’s Creed. It is the promise of open world games gloriously fulfilled. I don’t know what else to tell you.

Kotaku AUS | No Score | [URL=“https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/02/what-you-need-to-know-about-horizon-zero-dawn/”]Impressions 1[/URL] | [URL=“https://www.kotaku.com.au/2017/02/horizon-zero-dawn-our-first-impressions/”]Impressions 2[/URL]

[URL=“http://www.gamersyde.com/news_we_ve_been_playing_horizon_zero_dawn-18808_en.html”]Gamersyde | No Score[/URL][/QUOTE]

Even Polygon gave it a good score. The world really is ending soon, isn’t it?


So I have 8 days to miraculously figure out how to free time in my schedule while raising an infant? Great.