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Finished the story yesterday. Wow. What a game! I absolutely loved how the story came together at the end, the combat is pretty much perfect, the robot creatures ARE perfect and it’s by far the best looking game I’ve ever seen. I need some DLC now to keep me occupied while we wait for a sequel.

Oh, and I have to Platinum it first though. The Hunter’s Lodge trophies are going to be my downfall.


We would like to thank you all for these amazing images, so we’re adding more ways for you to express your artistry. We’re very happy to share that our upcoming 1.20 patch, currently scheduled for release next week, will include an update for Photo Mode.

We are adding three new filters, the ability to show a grid, an option to add ‘greetings from’ to the image, the ability to select different poses for Aloy, select a facial expression and make her look into the camera. We already created some images for you to get an idea of what we are adding and we cannot wait to see what you can do with these new additions.

Version 1.20 will include a slider that will adjust the camera/aim sensitivity, supports a Map legend where you are able to filter on icons, more HUD customization options (hide enemy stats, quest markers and tutorial tips), the ability to hide head gear and more.






Yup. So much better with sound.


I need to finish this game.


We were so excited to be able to announce the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn expansion, The Frozen Wilds, at E3 last month. As we were wrapping Horizon Zero Dawn, we had a lot of ideas for new characters, quests, and places for Aloy to discover, so we started to develop The Frozen Wilds. We can’t wait for you to experience the dangerous frigid lands to the north!

While we’re hard at work on The Frozen Wilds, we have also been working on something else…

As of today, you can download patch 1.30 which includes additional fixes to progression issues which some of you may have encountered. However, it also includes the highly anticipated New Game+ option.

With New Game+ you will be able to relive the adventures of Aloy without losing your character progression and your collected inventory. You won’t be able to progress beyond the level cap of 50, but you can still collect XP during your adventure.

We have also added updated versions of existing weapons and outfits with an extra modification slot at your disposal. These will not come cheap and will set you back some extra shards.

Before embarking on a new quest you can manually adjust the difficulty level to your liking. For players who seek an extra challenge, we are also introducing an ‘Ultra Hard’ difficulty. This new setting will enhance machine senses and behavior and will limit player health regen and other additional smaller tweaks. Players who decide to embark on the Ultra Hard path will not have the option to switch it to a less difficult setting.

New Game+ also comes with two new Trophies and extra unlockable content that gives players the ability to add facepaint or change Aloy’s Focus.



November 7th to save you from giving them a click for not putting it in the title.


I have a question about this game - can you play this without a sub to Playstation’s service? Like offline?


I don’t see why not. There was no integrated online functionality that I can remember.


Yeah. It has no multiplayer of any type.


Okay - just wondering because I have a PS4, but haven’t renewed the service (probably won’t) but would love to try the game.


It’s still my GotY 2017.


I love this game so much, I can’t wait for this DLC.



Talking to him is a fine opportunity to see that Guerrilla have tried to make their conversations look more dynamic and engaging. As one of my main complaints of the main game, it’s great to see them address this going forward, perhaps aided by the narrower scope of this expansion – that said, it’s still aiming to be at least 15 hours, with tons of new side quests alongside the main narrative threads. It’s a shame, but entirely understandable that this added polish and refinement is only applicable for the new expansion.

One thing to try and get people to engage more with the side quests are improved rewards, so that you can earn new weapons, gear upgrades and new outfits from completing quests as opposed to simply buying them. Additionally, where certain activities return from the original game, they’ve been given a new twist wherever possible. Encountering a Tallneck in this region doesn’t see Aloy simply trying to climb up to its top, but tasks her with trying to salvage the derelict of a fallen machine that’s being torn apart by machines reclaiming its carcass. You’ll have to defeat or avoid those robots to reach the Tallneck’s head, but once you get there, you’ll need to have found parts to get it working again before you can trigger its region revealing pulse.


There are actually a whopping 21 new trinkets to collect here, and they’re split into two sets: Quests and Feats.

Woo hoo!


I am really tempted to pick up a PS4 Pro with some black friday deal, mostly for this game. And so I can at least have some 4k piece of hardware to go with the TV I will be picking up soon.


I’m gonna pick up a Pro and play 4k on my CRT.


That must be one fancy scart switch you have for it.