[Heavy Breathing Intensifies]

[Heavy Breathing Intensifies]
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And where exactly have you been?








Do my eyes deceive me? Has the king of Share Play come to…well, play?


Started a new job, so I’ll probably be on here more often than not being on, going forward.


OH yeah? Want to share what job that would be, or would you rather keep it shrouded in a vail of mystery?


Raccoon Controller!

What’s up, Jay! Hope all is well bud. :smile:


It’s nothing special. Still in accounting, just with a different company and in a different industry.

I know people were probably expecting working with wieners or something but it’s just numbers (and not numbers in inches). Although, when searching, I was going to apply for an accounting position at kink.com (its based in the old Armory here in SF) that I was more than qualified for. It seemed like an interesting change, to put it mildly. My only hesitation was that my resume would have kink.com on it and how that would affect any future job searches. But, it was filled (lol) before I could edit my resume so that was that.


So many inches.


Soooooo… are you working with wieners or not?


According to GAAP, possibly.


Man, you guys have to stop bumping this topic. That gif on the front page keeps freaking me out.

Crap, I just bumped this topic, didn’t I?

Crap, I just asked a rhetorical question that one of your are most likely going to answer, thus bumping the topic again, didn’t I?

Crap, did it again!