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Google Stadia
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Announced on the live stream -

  • A streaming only, INSTANT Access system with controller.
  • Streams up to 4K 60fps HDR, will later add support for 8K 120fps
  • Stadia instances are 10.7 Teraflops of GPU power
  • Can click Play Now in a STADIA enabled browser and join instantly on sites like YouTube.
  • Connects using Chrome as a streaming platform across many devices.
  • Single code base enjoyed across desktop, laptop, TV, tablet, and phone.
  • Works on existing devices - Chromecast, Chrome browsers, and Chrome browsers.
  • Works with existing controllers, not just Google controller
  • Cross-platform multiplayer and save files
  • Couch co-op and Split-screen using separate instances available
  • Low latency platform for “everyone.”





Google now has its own first party gaming studio. Will create games exclusively for the platform. She’s the head of their new game studio.


Playing Assassin’s Creed in the closed beta was like playing a YouTube video, compression and all, with very noticeable input lag.

I don’t know who this is supposed to be marketed to.


That’s what I’m seeing in the comments section on ResetERA. If people complain about Playstation Now, they will complain about this. With data caps, crappy ISPs with local monopolies and no net neutrality, this just isn’t feasible at this moment for vast swaths of the United States.


I really like the idea of streaming games, but I have a feeling it will only work for specific games. Primarily story driven SP games that don’t rely on a lot of action.

Any guesses as to the price? $15/month?


My guess is you still have to buy the games at full price.


This is basically my exact opinion.