Games you want to like… but don’t

Games you want to like… but don’t
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I’ll be honest, I am ripping this topic straight from the Waypoint forums, but I thought it was a nice simple enough one.

I think one obvious answer here is Dark Souls. I played through Demon Souls, and enjoyed it, but I just can’t bring myself to play a game like that again, as much as I hear great things about it. Persona is another series that I have mentioned before, I have tried to go back multiple times, but just can’t bring myself to care enough to continue.

What are some games, franchises, even genres, that you wish you were able to stick with, but just can’t find it in you?


It’s a SUPER popular series, but every time I’ve ever played the game at a friend’s house, I just lose interest almost immediately and can’t ever seem to develop any desire to play the series. And that is…

Grand Theft Auto


Most RPGs, or really any game that gets bogged down in details and choices. Even Borderlands, which I love, borders on having too many choices. Just tell me if this gun is better than that gun.




Any think with Final Fantasy in the title.


#thedivision LOL.

I am witness to how much you can bog down a sift through every detail of every gun.


Do you actually want to like Final Fantasy games, or they are just games that others like that you never have?


I know @LASSIE will say Battlefront.

For me it’s prolly God of War. I’ve tried a few times, but I can’t seem to stick with it.


Uncharted and The Last of Us.


I think that’s more of it. I try not to buy games unless I for sure know I’m going like it. But I have bought some FF titles in the past based on friends ranting about them. They were traded in rather quickly.


Racing games. I don’t get it and never really enjoyed any of the Forza series no matter how many times IMC tried to get me to play them.


Super Smash Bros. It’s not necessarily one that I want to like, but I’ve never understood it’s popularity. It just doesn’t click with me.


Fighting games in general just don’t hold much interest for me. Actually, pretty much anything that’s a repetitive experience dependent on buildup of skill: puzzle games, most multiplayer experiences, fighting games, racing games. I enjoy story and varied experiences that have an end to them. Even if a game is repetitive, if it has a definite end goal I’m much more likely to stick with it.