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Games with Gold
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I’ve been sinking some good time in to Slime Rancher and loving just screwing around…until, I filled up my starting ranch and the frames dropped to what’s seems like 10-20 fps. Completely unplayable. I have no idea how this made it through cert. The Steam version just got a performance patch, which I’m hoping comes to the X1, but it makes me wonder if Games for Gold have a lower cert criteria just to get it out the door. Not cool.



Gone Home was good, right?


I don’t think you will like it, but who knows. I haven’t played more than a few minutes but have intended to go back multiple times. That and Firewatch.


Gone Home is… fine. It’s one of my least favorite walking sims (way behind Rapture and Firewatch), but still good.



I had a message in my Xbox inbox with a credit for $5.









oooh, Vanquish!


Yep, you finally get to distract robots with your cigarettes. You’ll have to let me know what you think, I never got too far in that one.



Score!! I’ve been wanting to play Assault Android Cactus for quite a while! Who’s up for some co-op?



Holy crap, that has to be one of the biggest releases to date, no? I doubt I will play much For Honor, and Forza being published by Micorsoft is a no brainer, but hot damn, that’s some good stuff rite der.