Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
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I couldn’t figure out how to past this as an embed and gave up.



Season 8:


Anyone else get the feeling it was written like fan fiction?


Jamie Lannister: Gimme some sugar baby


Theon should get a Valyrian Steel weiner. “THIS IS MY BOOMSTICK.”



Pretty much as expected. Sucks. Been saving 6 very special beers for the last 6 episodes. I guess they age for an extra 12 months or so.


Ok, I ignored everything above and removed “Season 7” from this topic title because I am only in season 2 and I have the ability to do so…

Anyways, can someone please tell me that the wildling John Snow captures in season two was not a direct inspiration for Alloy? She has some striking similarities, no?


Could be.