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Game of Thrones
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Help us help you, Jeff.


Just watched Hardhome and Battle of the Bastards. So hype.


Arya: Fuck yeah!


Solid episode to get this season going.


These are good:


Man, I don’t usually get actively excited about TV or movie content, but I was shouting and cheering and laughing last night

during the final battle scene. So fucking awesome! And that wasn’t the only great part of the episode. Bran teasing Littlefinger that he knows what he’s up to. Arya fighting Brienne. All three living Stark children together again! Jon and Daenarys getting closer to working together. Just well put together overall. Can’t wait to see what’s next. I really want to know what Littlefinger thinks he’s up to, though!

K, someone help me with the spoiler tag?


Spoiler tag has to start on it’s own line, won’t work otherwise.

I think…


That episode was fucking hype.

The scene at the end all I kept saying was YEAH but NO but YEAH but no but DRAGON but Bronn but Jamie but Dany but fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk


Yeah, I finally watched this last night. It was cathartic and all but also like “Oh come on with that shit lazy, plot convenience…” Deep lake is super deep except three feet to the left and where Dany was standing…? The Winterfell stuff was great, though. single tear

But these tweets basically ruined Bran for me and I now can’t stop thinking them whenever he’s on screen:


Bran has been a living embodiment of a meme in the past two weeks.


The cave drawings were a little ridiculous, too. Started out subtle, like “oooo, those are like the symbols we’ve seen the white walkers make out of people parts!” and turned in to “Look! Here’s a great drawing of just what they look like! See, they’re real!”



Quite the season, eh?


Something something wincest.

Have fun waiting until 2019 nerds!


The writing has been pretty terrible but the fan service has been excellent.

That’s not really a criticism of the season.


I enjoyed it. All of these seasons of just talking and plotting had to lead SOMEWHERE.


Oh, I enjoyed it. It’s just sloppy and, at times, non-sensical writing.



Yeah, after Arya’s journey in Braavos, I knew shit was going to be off the rails.