Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones
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Never seen an episode.


I am excited for it, just not quite as excited as I was a few seasons ago. S5 wasn’t great, and the split happening with the show giving us all the new information about the story, not knowing if it follows the books exactly, just kind of puts a bit of a damper on it for me. I’ll definitely watch, and I did enjoy S6 and will probably really like this one.


I can’t remember what they said. Is this the last season or is there a shorter season after this that will be the last?


I read it is the last season but will be split in 2 parts like Breaking Bad’s last season.


I’m excited but feeling like this show is going to have to cram a lot of action into these last two seasons.


There was an interview with a cast member where they basically acknowledge that shit goes down (or ramps ups) these last two seasons because there are so few episodes left.


Every second episode is a Hardhome, I’ll take it. I think?


If it is, I’ll be hard, homie.



That thumbnail is as far into the trailer as I’m going in.


It doesn’t give that much away I think but, like you, I’m staying away from speculation articles and one that breakdown the trailer.

Same thing with the upcoming Star Wars and Marvel film. I want to go in CLEEEEEEAAAAAAN.


So do I have to start from season one if I want to understand what’s going on in that trailer?





Doesn’t hurt to read all the books, too.


And all the comics/graphic novels.


And “The World of Ice & Fire”. Then you might have a chance of knowing what’s going on.




But, seriously, you could just watch some recap vids and get caught up for S7.