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I wouldn’t mind them wrapping it up. It’s been 6 years, much longer for the actors than for us. The last two episodes made HUGE strides in making all of the stories converge. I’m sure Season 7 will be resolution for the Iron Throne and then Season 8 resolution with the White Walkers. Donezo.


Yup. And, conveniently, wrapping up the series just as they pass the books: they have no more source material to draw from.

I was being more snarky than anything but I really do wonder how much not having the novels anymore (yes, I know that actually started this season) or not having to have to cover plotlines has to do with it. Not much, I’m sure.

Also, GRRM has mentioned that he wants HBO to do a Tales of Dunk and Egg film(s).


I thought GRRM told the HBO writers how he plans to end the story, and that it was up to them on how to get there?



I guess. I don’t know. My point still stands.


He’s still consulting on the show, it’s just a matter of the details - that belongs to D&D.

I think there’s enough source material and show that they have a layout and way, that they will continue to do it. So far, D&D have done a terrific job of calling back to previous elements. Even Season 6 was awesome despite surpassing the books.


I agree season 6 was awesome.

Arya’s egress from Braavos was the only glaring fault, in my opinion. Whoever was responsible for that deserves a kick in the glands.


That definitely could have been handled better, specially with her last scene transpired.

Could have arrived at the same destination via a different version of storytelling.


Eh, that’s true. Still not the same has being able to consult a fully realized novel and pull ideas out on your own but yeah…forgot GRRM actually consults





HBO on Monday released details of the upcoming seventh season, including an episode count and filming locations. Season seven will consist of seven episodes, down from its standard 10. The series will launch in summer 2017 — a delay from its typical March/April frame.

Production will begin this summer and be based in Northern Ireland, while other locations set to be featured next season include Spain and Iceland. Shooting locations in Spain include Sevilla, Caceres, Almodovar del Rio, Santiponce, Zumaia and Bermeo.


Only seven episodes? What is this, the 2008 writer’s strike?


Season 7: The Battle for King’s Landing
Season 8: The Battle for Survival against The Night’s King


Rumor was about 13 - 15 episodes left, right?


The Battle for King’s Landing? You mean Cersei getting the everloving snot beat out of her? That’s episode one, then we can move on.

I swear, she’s got nothing left. It’ll be the Lannister and maybe Frey armies versus the Dornish, the Tyrells, the Dothraki, the Unsullied, the rogue Ironborn, and three huge dragons?





I’m surprised none of you have posted this yet.