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Game of Thrones
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My beer… it’s… holding the door.


You guys are the worst about talking about this show.


Hard to talk about it when you don’t watch it.

I’m so cool.


Alright, Mario, let’s dig in.

I thought Arya’s Braavos story ended pretty cheaply. She’s almost a fully trained assassin, part of the most elite group of assassins in the world, and she’s caught standing out in the open staring up at a statue while someone walks up and guts her? Someone she was expecting to come after her? I thought for sure it was some ploy on her part, some part of her plan, but no. Then she actually survives, not even wounded enough to stop her from jumping off balconies and running full speed through marketplaces, rolling down steps and shit? It just didn’t seem very realistic to me. Sword fighting while blind? Badass, and consistent with what she learned. Overall, it felt about as lazy to me as the whole Dorne plot. Lots of shortcuts taken in the writing that really took away from being able to enjoy it fully.

Looking forward to seeing where she goes next, though. And the battle next episode should be epic! Fully expect Littlefinger to ride in with the knights of the Vale and save the day.

Bummed we might not get Clegane Bowl, though.


Reddit went nuts last night. Now I don’t read the books, so I understand why SOME people were upset.

But the Arya arc… well, I think I know where it’s going but I didn’t like how it ended up there. It felt rushed after achieving such a slow burn. I was hugely disappointed and am hoping there’s still some sort of payoff coming soon.

Don’t mention Dorne… we haven’t been back since and I’m glad. I wonder if now the fact that they’ve exceeded the books is now going to hurt the show more than hurt.

Bastard Bowl is going to be great.
The only redeeming factor for the last episode were the Clegane’s.

But man, they owned it Episodes 1 - 5 versus the last few weeks…

How they handled Blackfish? Ehhhhhhhhh.


HOLY SHIT. This episode had me.

10/10 fooking chickens




Jon’s a dumbass Stark, through and through.

Give Wun Wun a tree to swing, for fuck’s sake!


I don’t know how the internet works.


GIFV files can’t be embedded directly, but the imgur page can. Get rid of the ‘i.’ and ‘.gifv’ and presto!


Can’t stop, won’t stop.


I approve of the overwatch gifs. Keep 'em coming.


“Eliminated Ferp”. Love it!



I had to smoke a cigarette after this episode.



Confirmation on the number of episodes left for the series: at most 15 more over two more season.

It’s two more seasons we’re talking about. From pretty close to the beginning, we talked about doing this in 70-75 hours, and that’s what we’ll end up with. Call it 73 for now.


My initial reaction is to cry about it, but I’m actually really glad they’re not trying to milk it more than they should. I would much rather they fully realize this story and package it up nicely. Also, who’s to say they can’t do a prequel series/film or something down the line?